Hook up stereo receiver to computer

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10 Ways to Connect Your Computer to a Stereo

Somewhat of these options addresses a minimum type of setup, such as whether your current or warranty has an onboard DAC, or t you use a standalone DAC. Morphological digital audio euclidean is the shortest one to find, as it means a very subjective concept, which is due and squared, as you can see in Taking 1. This is the structural nature all PCs have.

If your computer and stereo are more than 20 feet away, ask the Radio Shack salesperson how to buy the right cable and plugs to make your own extension cable.

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Hopefully commputer sound card has all its jacks labeled so that you know which hole does what. Then Hoook the extension cord between your computer and your stereo system. If received have carpet, push the cord into the crack between the carpet and the edge of the wall. Use the right tool for the job: A spoon handle works well. No carpet? Check the back of your stereo for some unused input jacks; you should see several pairs of stubby little metal heads. With the notable exception of the iPhone 7. Cables like this are available at many lengths, and you can add extension cables if you need something even longer. This assumes, of course, that your amplifier or receiver has a Toslink input.

This is essentially an RCA jack, but that sends digital data.

Many receivers and amplifiers that have onboard DACs rsceiver a coaxial jack as well. Computre cable can reeiver transport video from devices, such as streaming boxes. The system transmits video and hi-fi stereo sound wirelessly from a source device such as computer, VCR, TV set, DVD player, satellite receiver or cable set-top box to any destination device such as a stereo system, TV or monitor. It can also be used in conjunction with a camcorder to turn into a wireless security monitoring system. The signal can go hundreds of feet and since it uses radio waves, it will even penetrate walls.

Radio Shack or Amazon. Hookup Diagram for Wireless Connection There are many wireless options for connecting your laptop or PC to your home audio system.

To stereo receiver Hook computer up

Be careful with Hlok as there are some pitfalls. Many of these products become quickly outdated as operating systems are upgraded. Connect the laptop or iPod to the FM transmitter using the 3. Then on your stereo receiver, tune in the FM frequency and you have music just like your own radio station. Problems with the FM transmitter include bad reception if objects obstruct the signal and distance is limited.

You will achieve varying results based upon many factors. Figure 1: PC connections. As we mentioned, all PCs have analog audio output. This output is green and labeled line out or speaker out. Digital outputs are optional.

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