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College Football Players

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There are those within EA Sports who would love to produce the franchise again, but that would require the NCAA to allow players to be paid and that's just not a reality at this time. After their freshman season, players then get points based on experience and statistics.

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Then, with a little digging, you can download the updated rosters for free and play a version that at least feels like with familiar stars like Houston defensive lineman Ed Oliver and Stanford running back Bryce Love both projected 99 ratings or Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley projected So it's not my personal feelings. If that's what you recognize me for, I refuse to try and change your mind or justify my actions. We're always updating it. Everyone knows Alabama and Clemson will be in the playoff mix. Nevertheless it's an unfortunate feeling for the year-old who still has fond memories of playing old-school consoles like Atari.

That's the group of people I absolutely love.

Roster team Updating ncaa 2012

It's the same mechanics, same everything else. It's different. EA Sports never used players' names in its games, but that was about the only thing it didn't replicate.

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