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We have … read more no hesitation in recommending buuddy. In fact they are at a friend's home now so grab them if you can. I'm sure you will i them as much as we do. I've ffor a lot about the luncj of New Zealand, stayed in the lovely town Piha and ate a very good meal: Thank you very much! Both are very happy to lend a hand with anything and do a wonderful zealans of whatever they do. Intelligent and interested in the world Lookong them I believe they will add to the well being and future of us all. Thanks so much for making our lives easier and guarding the home when we budsy away. Continue Lookibg you … read more are. You can expect a few hours of fair, reasonable, interesting work each day, stunning nature, and the sound of a roaring sea as you fall asleep.

This is the best place to be in all of Auckland and possibly New Zealand. Bobbie and Julia are wonderful humans and we miss them so much, … read more especially hearing Bobbie call for us from across the property, as we replied "yes ma'am, Bobbie, ma'am! Learn about the history of Piha, enjoy its beauty, and possibly make some money working with the locals. This place has it all if you are willing to take a few cold showers and battle the sandflies. Thank you for everything Bobbie and Julia, we will have to stop by again before we sell the van and begin a new adventure. We would consider ourselves lucky to meet more people like you along our journey. They are interesting and intelligent so great discussions can be had.

They are willing to try their hand at most things and do it pretty well. We have no hesitation in recommending them for Workaway hosts and wish them a fabulous trip in NZ. They have a darling accommodation just a few minutes walk from the surf and sand and the job is to help them prep for guests and tidy up after they depart, as well as cleaning up their house and tidying up … read more around the property. They are both strong, opinionated women, but they have the sweetest hearts. I can't imagine not enjoying working with them.

Piha itself is about 45 minutes drive outside of Auckland, and it is a teeny tiny town. There's a bit of trekking to do and if budvy a surfer you'll be in heaven. Personally, I enjoyed the solitude. For a few days while they were away i didn't see Looking speak to another human being and it was a truly peaceful experience. Some important info: Do your grocery shopping in Auckland before you go. While they are sweet enough to pick things up for you, the only chance if you don't have your own transportation to get everything your heart desires food-wise is to grab it in Auckland.

Also be aware that you will be cooking in an outdoor kitchen in a carport. Be prepared for the wind: There is no place to by alcohol products to take home in PIha. And if you bring middle or senior management experience, your ability to help train and show New Zealanders new techniques will be of great value.

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Unstructured, independent working New Nwe have a strong independent streak. You might be used to a more structured way of working in your country. After all, you need to understand what you are expected to do. Status, rank and hierarchies are much less important in Kiwi workplaces than elsewhere.

Managers are respected by the staff, but they xealand seen as one of the team. Guides Newcomers guide Download the guide We nearly always address superiors, colleagues and clients by their first names. We treat everyone the same, and will judge you on buddu ability and what you achieve in your job, rather than your previous qualifications, experience or status. Management style is usually informal, and so is the workplace. By following our almost effortless tips below on the different ways to meet people when travelling alone in New Zealand, you will find some travel buddies in no time! Believe it or not, you are not the only person who has decided to travel solo in New Zealand.

There are other travellers from all over the world doing exactly the same thing and are just as eager to meet new people. You know fellow backpackers are open-minded by the fact that they are doing the open-minded act of exploring a new country, and Kiwis have a worldwide reputation of being welcoming. Go to the bar Simple enough, right?

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Nevertheless, whether you are drinking or not, Kiwis and other backpackers in New Zealand are not usually judgementalyou can still have a fun night out. To make meeting people even easier go to bar events. Plus, backpacker bar crawls are practically made for travellers to meet other travellers! Hang out in your hostel It seems all too obvious, but it works! Remember, your hostel is practically a base for like-minded backpackers — many of which will be travelling alone too.

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