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Rae makes several attempts to escape, and even briefly has sex with a teenage boy who helps out on Lazarus' farm. She eventually comes to tolerate her position. Lazarus buys her a conservative dress to wear, plays the guitar for her, and feeds her home-cooked meals.

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Lazarus' pastor and close friend, R. John Cothran, Jr. The pastor tries to reason with Lazarus and the group shares a meal. Meanwhile, Ronnie returns to town after being discharged from the National Guard due to his severe anxiety disorder. While searching for Rae, who has disappeared, he meets Gill, who informs him that Rae cheats on him whenever he is out of town. Ronnie attacks Gill, steals his truck, and continues searching for Rae. In the morning, Lazarus frees Rae, having decided that he has no authority to pass judgment on her. Travels through the desert southwest and witnesses a car drive off the empty highway.

Banker discovers a beautiful woman and a gangster, and is essentially held hostage until the end of the film, and falls for the girl while being carted around to the gangsters various errands. Interestingly, the gangster has a terrible stomach ulcer, drinks pepto constantly, and pronounces Cancun oon as "Can cun". Movie ends with banker and gangster with guns locked in draw. What will the banker choose - the money or the girl???

Alexender 2 years ago I can only want one seen from this video. Group of individuals:.

Dean C. I think the hacker type girl gets some kind of chip put in her armPlease help ,i cant remember the name or whos in it Victoria 2 months ago I've been searching hardcore for this movie so if someone could help--that would be amazing. I remember watching this movie in the early s but it could have been made earlier 90s or maybe even late 80s. There's this kid blonde and he is basically left alone in a cabin I can't recall why but there is some sort of emergency that the rest of his family is held up in. He has to fend for himself for the winter and in a way this movie reminds me of a survival type movie.

There's a really depressing scene in the film where a baby dies and the mother or father can't remember has to bury their child on their journey back home. The son that is left at the cabin is clearly unaware of this situation and manages to build a crib made of wood.

The movie is set way chaihed the past no cars, etc. Movid characters chainned the story sort of reminded me of how a pilgrim would dress. I never really saw her as anything special, but this role is a true breakthrough for her. This girl is so troubled that her past sexual abuse has scarred her very deep down. Any time she is away from her love she starts seeing flashes of the man who took her childhood innocence away and itches to be touched by any man available to let the image go away. Her nymphomania is not for pleasure, but rather for survival from the haunting nightmares always hiding behind her eyelids.

Ricci fully inhabits the role and shows all the emotional trauma to great effect and realism. Mention must also be made of Justin Timberlake, again showing some real acting talent.

Where this guy came from I have no clue, but hopefully he will continue taking more films and steer away from the mostly crap music he churns out. While not as fuy and consistent as Hustle and Flow, Moan still ranks equally to it, in my vhained, because when it is on, it is spectacular. Towards the end we have a truly enthralling sequence with "This Little Light of Mine" singing out, and earlier, the interaction between captive and captor, when the chain is first introduced, shows some top-notch work. The truly magical moment, though, is when Jackson sings yes that is him throughout, like it was Terrence Howard in Hustle the titular song while a thunderstorm roars and the lights flicker.

If I don't see a more beautifully shot sequence all year, I won't be surprised. What these two people do for each other is wonderful and shows what humanity is capable of.

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