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The Case for More, Hotter Fish Sex in “The Shape of Water”

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This is not one of those grey, downtrodden outcasts we meet so often in movies.

Fish Woman fucks

This includes her daily jerk sesh: But delve a little deeper, and you'll find that the two actually address very similar themes of otherness, sexism, and race, all of which Shape of Water handles infinitely better than Three Billboards. Sorry, Doug. Okay, so: And did I say fish sex? But the more I think about it, the more I feel it's just a safe option: The fact that Zelda Octavia Spencer is so willing to put her job, and indeed her life, on the line to help rescue an endangered creature is even more impressive when you think that she is also living her life as a second-class citizen. Later, in a fit of passion, Elisa sticks a towel under the bathroom door, turns on the faucet, and fills the entire room with water, swirling in the gray-green liquid with her amphibious amour.

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On the surface, these two movies have almost nothing in common. To find ourselves vulnerable and naked in front of each other was part of the beautiful tale that Guillermo was telling. The Shape of Water is a gorgeous two-hour allegory.

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