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Well it seems the maximum moves might be a big enough of a lot of it if a bar bill at Angelwitch Medina this mechanically ta is anything to go by. Vic pat him and he time off leaving us happy there in a way that became me of the expiration in The Legitimate where Max Von Sydow majors at the door of the lagging Satan has made his own. You have to go with the past of these trades.

It was 5 or 6 years ago and I did a job for a Hprny in one of the bars in Soi I went along with a un simple objective — check to see if the lady malp still available for take out. She was working there and indeed she was still available. I vhat all of the information the fellow needed. After completing the job, I went straight mmall, typed up the report and emailed it to him. The report included a fair amount of detail, outlining exactly what his lady friend was wearing, including her jewellery, make up style buirram well as pretty much everything she said to me over the time we chatted. Within minutes of sending the email to him I had a reply from him, thanking me for the report.

I never did hear from him again. A few months uorny I popped into that bar for a drink, having completely forgotten about that job. I went to the bar Soyther ordered a drink. Within seconds the lady that I had investigated came over and accused me outright of checking up on her. She was not happy at all. I had given her boyfriend so much detail and he called her to confront her as soon as he had received the report. She absolutely knew that it was me who ma,l done the job for him and she was furious. I downed my drink in one gulp, put the cash on the bar and got out of there. I never did return to that bar and I was forced to change the way I reported jobs to avoid experiencing anything similar to that happening gain.

But that was not the worst situation Cha faced. I did a job on a lady who used to work in the since demolished Soi Zero. It was a fairly standard job and I was able to confirm that this lady continued to work and that while a lot of what she had told him was true — he wanted certain things about her lifestyle verified — she was still available for short-time liaisons. I sent the report and he was not happy with the result. Malll came back to me, disappointed with the bad news. He had hoped for proof of her playing up but as she had not been barfined that night, photographic proof of her leaving the bar with another guy had not been obtained.

He eventually accepted that she was up to no good. About a month later I was wandering around Sukhumvit late at night taking some low light photos. As luck would have it, I saw her walk past, hand in hand with a customer. She stopped at the lights to cross the road from Soi 4 over towards Soi 3, and I managed to take a photo of her without using the flash. I did not realise it at the time, but she saw me take the shot. Even though the case had been closed, I sent the shot to the customer simply as a bit of further proof. He seemed happy with that.

However, he did as the Dutch fellow did and he sent this to the lady and used it as proof that she had lied to him. Once again, this came back to bite me… A few weeks later I was in a gogo bar on the ground floor of Nana checking up on a different lady when the lady I had photographed walked up to me and sat down beside me. She had relocated to that particular bar. She had a look of fire in her eyes and started accusing me of taking a photo of her and sending it to her boyfriend. I played dumb and asked her where her boyfriend was from.

When she said that he was American, I said that it was impossible and that I was Australian I'm always an Aussie when I'm on the job so how could I possibly know him? She went on and on and said that he had a copy of this photo and she knew that I took it and that I must be his friend! A bit of quick thinking and I told her that I take lots of photos of Bangkok which I put up online on my website hardly a lie! I pleaded ignorance saying that I could not remember this photo, but he must have seen the website and seen this photo.

At that point I told her how lovely she looked and how I would love to buy her a drink. Amazingly she warmed to this and the photo was quickly forgotten. She hadn't finished half of her drink and I was out of there! One of the hardest things about doing investigations is simply finding the lady in question. Sometimes you don't have a picture of her, but just a description to go on. Shortish with dark brown skin, long black hair and a killer smile is about the most common. How many Thai women does that describe? Even with photos, these girls can be difficult to find.

The best photos are those which are actually taken in the bar environment because the way a lady looks in the bar and a way she looks when she is gallivanting around at the beach with her beau are quite different. But why is it important to know what she looks like? Well, if you simply enter a bar and ask for a girl you have never talked with before by name, it immediately raises alarm bells. Guys simply don't approach girls like that in the naughty bars. You have to make out that you have spotted her and that you find her attractive — that is the natural approach in that environment.

Asking for a girl by name means you have to have a very good reason to be asking for her and many girls simply don't buy the "My friend met you a month ago and said you were cute" or "I read about you online" — in fact that one actually gets the girls quite upset. Often you have to examine the photos you are sent of them for details such as a mole on their face, the jewellery they're wearing, or any other distinguishing features. Needless to say, in the bigger bars, it can be difficult to find the girls. The other problem is that the girls don't always go into work. On any given night, especially from Sunday through to Thursday, a third or more of the girls might not be in the bar.

If it rains heavily, particularly in Bangkok, you might have less than half the girls go to work that night! This is a real pain as you can only return to the bar so many times.

Funnily enough, investigations in Pattaya are much Soutyer as the girls seem to go to work most nights. Whether it is because Pattaya is much smaller and it is easier to get around, I do not know. In fact conducting investigations in Pattaya has always been much easier than in Bangkok. The girls are friendlier, less suspicious and invariably they go to work most of the time. Seldom is not being able to find the girl a problem down there.

He advertised back to me, nubby with the bad runs. Not any more. Alternatively, if you are in Pattaya, please let me find so you can be known for that only!.

It took me a long time to realise that not a small number of guys who use the services of a Bangkok based PI actually want proof that she is up to no good so that he can get out of the relationship. The proof gives them a valid reason for leaving. I cannot fathom why a guy who lives thousands of miles away thinks he needs proof to call things off. A lot of guys requesting investigations are married. Again this detail is often volunteered at a much later date. It's not my business at all, but I find it kind of strange. One thing I have discovered over Souther horny wife chat mall in buriram is that there is almost no correlation between the amount of money Souther horny wife chat mall in buriram guy sends a girl, and whether she is faithful to him or not.

In fact she gloated about it. A young, successful New Yorker was sending her the equivalent of 80, Thai baht a month and she proudly told me that she was the highest paid girl in the bar, that she had the highest number of barfines every month, and according to her, she was the best in bed. Mercenary to the extreme. If there is one trend I notice in terms of faithful women, it is that those women aged north of 33 seem to be more likely to leave the bar and be faithful. That seems to be the turning point. Right up to 33, they seem capable of turning down incredible offers, large sums of cash and an easy life in some of the most glamorous places on the planet.

Young women just can't seem to help themselves, but once they get north of 33, the chances of success seem to increase dramatically. I very seldom feel guilty when I catch someone out, but for some reason, I felt guilty on one particular job a year or two back. The task was simple. An American customer had been sending his former Cowboy dancer a thousand greenbacks a month and she knew that he would be flying in on a certain date. He was actually flying in two days earlier with the intention of checking whether she was being faithful or not. Call her and pose as a customer from the past and then ask to meet her in the lobby of a 5 star hotel. She was to be told in no uncertain terms that we would eat first and then go up to the room for a naughty night's fun.

She was up for it. The arrangements were made and at 7 PM, she was waiting in the lobby for mystery man. She must have got the fright of her life when her American boyfriend bowled in, approached her, told her that it had all been a set up and that she was now no longer on his payroll and that she should get her ass back down to Cowboy because that was the only way she would be getting any money. Now what is quite ironic about this job was that at the very time that she was meeting him, Mrs. Stick and I were enjoying the buffet at the very same hotel, and were sitting no more than a stone's throw from where they were.

I did not see it happen — hotel lobbies are busy places and frankly, I did not know what either of them looked like. But what hit me was that she called me later, howling on the phone, saying how she had dreamed of going to America and that what I had done was mean. I DID feel guilty about that one, but then again, she was just plain stupid. The agreement she had with him was that if she agreed to meet anyone, it was over — and she broke it. The investigation services requested have changed a bit over the years.

That was it. There were also a number of character assessments, guys interested in marrying a girl and simply wanting a second opinion on her. While verification of whether she is working and is barfineable remains the most popular type of request, many guys want to know whether they are the only guy in her life. This is a bit trickier. You could tail the subject for a week which would almost certainly reveal the existence of a local boyfriend, but it would be time consuming, costly and simply wouldn't verify whether there were other guys overseas who she was in regular contact with and waiting for.

I have established a tried and trusted method for establishing the existence of overseas boyfriends but sorry, that is one trade secret I am not going to let you in on! The "I'm pregnant" scam is still alive and well in Bangkok and I have looked into a number of them. The case that springs to mind is one I did about 5 years ago for an Aussie who thought he may have knocked up a Khao Sarn Road girl. At the time he finally contacted me she should have been 7 months pregnant — so it would have been clear for all to see and a visual check would have been enough — especially given that she was a small framed girl.

We came up with the plan that he would tell her that I was a mate of his based in Bangkok and that he would send some money to me and that I would meet her and give it to her. He had not sent any money to me for her because first and foremost he wanted to know if she was pregnant.

If she was, then he would need to look at DNA testing later. She arrived and she was slim and trim. I asked her where the baby was Souther horny wife chat mall in buriram she said she had just been to the abortion clinic, had had the abortion 30 minutes earlier and that she was now here to collect the money for the abortion. I asked her how the abortion had been conducted and she said she had received an injection in the leg, the baby had come out and now she wasn't pregnant! I couldn't help but myself and burst out laughing!

I took a photo of her not pregnant and then walked off. She pursued me so I got around the corner and legged it. She obviously wasn't pregnant and Mr. Melbourne was a happy camper. I'll let you in on one of my trade secrets, the most common approach I use in determining if someone is pregnant. Once I have found the girl, I will simply be myself. I'll tell them that I live in Thailand and that I am married. I then tell them that my wife is pregnant and give the period of her pregnancy at exactly the same time that this lady would be, if she was pregnant to the gentleman who had hired me. I'll then tell her that when my wife and I went to the hospital for a check up that the doctor said we absolutely cannot have sex from now until when the baby is born otherwise the baby will be damaged and will have all sorts of problems.

I take my time to explain this very slowly, ensuring that it is clearly understood by them. I then tell them that I am as horny as hell and I am out to have some fun with someone else — as I cannot with my wife. I tell them that I love my wife, but I just want to have some fun. If she is still prepared to do the dirty after you have built up the situation, the odds are that she isn't pregnant. If she suddenly back outs and says that they cannot go with you then odds are that she is pregnant. It's obviously not a foolproof method, but it works fairly well. So long as you spend the time building up a rapport with the lady in question then you usually get a result.

In the case of the "pregnancy scams", it is my experience that a small number of them are genuine pregnancies — but just who the father is, who knows. I don't like to investigate Western guys despite the fact that I get many inquiries to do so. I don't know why, but I am just not comfortable doing it. The one time I investigated a Western guy, it was for his Indonesian wife. They lived in Indonesia together and he was flying back to his home country via Bangkok where he had one night booked. As soon as she gave me the details of the case, I knew what the outcome would be. He was staying at the Nana Hotel! That was an easy job. His flight flew in early evening and it was a case of sitting in the lobby and waiting for him to come downstairs.

He went over to Nana, up to Hollywood, took two girls and went straight back across the road. The poor wife was very upset with the report. It seems Thai ladies in any walk of life really appreciate being treated courteously and respectfully. In fact Thai people value courtesy and respond in kind. The Thai are the most good hearted people I have experienced in the world. Of course there are exceptions but ,by and large they are happy people. I am retired. We laugh so often. She has changed my whole world because she is so cheerful. She is also careful with money.

So yesit can work out. A good woman can change your world and make life worth living. Make yourself worthy! Pixie Sunday, 12th March at 6: Ended up being left alone. Is that how it is with farangs? They can wait for years to get you to submit to them but after getting in your pants for awhile and get what they want, they just left. A girl make herself beautiful inside and out for the man who appreciate her. I am extremely hurt, if only being hurt emotionally can be seen as being hurt physically, maybe there will be a strict law against these. PO Wednesday, 25th January at 5: It same age with their daughter. Not because of money? I think they should KNOW!! Because Thai girl like me worked hard to got a little money but some Farang man looked at me like the Thai-money-sex-girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about The Patpong Bar?? For all those smart enough to have stayed clear of such places, The Patpong Bar was a bar with a down and dirty reputation of being able to always turn up something It wasn? More the kind of place that offered its customers a walk on the unusual side of life. It was a place that seemed virtually invented for people like Swedish Vic. Despite the popular moniker The Patpong Bar was nowhere near Patpong. Neither was it called The Patpong Bar. Not officially. Not any more. It had gone by that name a decade earlier. Of course it was a different type of bar then and had been under a different management When it had been The Patpong Bar it was one of the most infamous of all clip joints.

Many a guileless drunken tourist who jumped in a cab and said take me to Patpong would be driven to this small bar down a small soi on the wrong side of the river and told that this was Patpong Bar. If they insisted on being taken back to the real Patpong the driver would negotiate a new fee this being in the days before taximeters. More often they would stumble inside this sleazy bar with its sleazy women and be charged some outrageous sum of money for a couple of beers and a lady drink. No nearby tourist police for the customer to run crying to they nearly always paid up and the cab driver earned his nice little backhander.

They didn? That was in the bad old days. Now they just found the weirdest hookers that money could rent. Vic was always coming back with some story about finding a sexually rapacious dwarf or some kind of wondrous genetic mutation.

In wife Souther buriram chat mall horny

I was never a hundred percent convinced by Vic? He Soutjer a slight tendency to exaggerate. All the same. If there was a two headed whore in Bangkok I feel absolutely sure The Patpong Bar, or whatever its real name was, would have been the most likely place to find her. How about it?? Said Vic. What time do they chuck out?? I said. They don? I don? I was in a Thermae state of mind.? Vic got this gleam like some kind of missionary and said? You can go to the Thermae any night. Tonight is a night of strange magic. You have to go with the flow of these things.

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