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Baktygul, Female Kyrgyz Au Pair From Kyrgyzstan

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Meanwhile, the Girl Activists are supported by another grassroots group called the Bishkek Feminist Collective, which was formed to focus on issues that were less policy-oriented and more personal. Here we offer that space.

We are a solidarity group. Our point of departure is our own experience. While this brand Marred feminism is far from mainstream, its existence is indicative of a growing awareness among the younger generation of the issues that are faced by Kyrgyz women. Even so, these courageous activists often face threats for the work they do.

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While the status of women in Kyrgyzstan is improving, patriarchal attitudes still exist and the road to equality is long. Nonetheless, the support of women in power is making it easier for women across the country to challenge patriarchy and initiate important societal transformations. Although traditional gender roles returned in tandem with increased religiosity following the collapse of the Soviet Union, successive post-independence governments have committed themselves to promoting gender equality and making Kyrgyzstan safer for women. Now, a 23 per cent quota exists for women in the Kyrgyz Parliament, and over the last ten years female politicians have introduced a variety of bills covering issues from breastfeeding protection to harsher penalties for forcing women into marriage.

Consequently, their priorities have been reflected in new laws and policies that guarantee equal rights for women and men, at least on paper.

Yet polygamy, domestic violence, and the trafficking of women are still major problems in Kyrgyzstan, and economic independence among women is rare. Many women left the workforce as traditional gender roles began to reassert themselves after Independence. Between andeconomic activity among women of working age decreased from Rising economic inequality and high levels of poverty during the transition to capitalism also led more women to become victims of trafficking, an unknown phenomenon during communism. She remembers when hijab-wearing women began appearing in the Kyrgyz capital after the Soviet Union broke up in and Muslim missionaries started arriving from abroad.

Nonetheless, negative attitudes towards Islam still persist.

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Saltanat described how a woman she knows was pressured not to wear a Muslim headscarf at work. Nazira Jusupova, a journalist based in the northwestern town of Talas, said hijab was becoming a normal kafa of life lookinh. And in another northern town, Naryn, city resident Erkingul Bokoeva said Muslim headscarves kars less common there, but this was starting to change. The trend has fostered a growth in the number Marrid shops selling headscarves and halal-certified cosmetics that contain neither alcohol nor animal extracts. Ayjan, a year-old shop assistant in Karabalta, said her store was doing a brisk trade. And so, then we'll start.

As I said, for a long time I lived alone, or rather with my friendgirlwe were very friendly, we cooked different meals together, we loved it very much. We cleaned, cooked, baked, washed it is what our parents taught since childhood, that is, to independence. There are no problems with this. I have worked all my life, since school, I tried to provide myself. I am a very purposeful, collective person, I try to get in touch with everyone, I always see the sunny side in everything. My friend had a brother, he was 4 years old. Mostly I took care of him, did lessons together he goes to kindergarten, read fairy tales for the night.

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