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I'm sure my mom would be pleased to know I have zero incriminating tweets about being drunk. I regret to inform her that over the years I've tweeted my fair share of other embarrassing content. All good things in moderation There's no shame in loving something, but there's a little shame in loving something that's not that great and then tweeting about it nearly times. Multiple tweets are not a good look. Let's take my live-tweeting of the Bachelor franchise season after season. I am now mortified by my " emotionalgirlproblems" tweets and would like to pretend they never happened.

Just delete. I worshiped the actors, reveled in the ridiculously dramatic plot lines that now make me laugh out loud, and thought nothing would ever come close to touching my soul so deeply. Is that still true today? It's a solid teen drama, but I definitely do not need more than 60 tweets proclaiming my love of One Tree Hill floating out there on the internet. Do I want to be known as a girl who passionately argued that Paul Johansson should have won an Academy Award for his performance? Or that it is the BEST show on all of television? LOL no.

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News breaks and opinions change Speaking of One Tree Hill, I loved the show so tieline that I once tweeted that the creator, Mark Schwahn, was "literally a genius. More recently, Schwahn was accused of sexual harassment by over a dozen women. Deleting it felt truly therapeutic. Side note: You may want to delete a retweet too. You can do this by finding the tweet and clicking 'retweet' again. Search accounts you've mentioned Keywords aren't the only way to search the site. You can also view tweets in which you've mentioned specific accounts by inputting the associated handles. A man who has since lied about being robbed at gunpoint?

It hurts just to look at it. Archige by dates Perhaps you know of a time in life when you were not your best Twitter self. My freshman roommate and I are now Arcihve and have left our differences in There's also a mobile app called that can do the trick. Going beyond the archive If you want to Archife a truly in-depth look at your past tweets you brave soul might consider requesting your full Upddating archive. Simply go to the Settings section of your account and scroll to the bottom of Arhive page. The file, updatung will be emailed to you, will include upxating Twitter history starting from your very first tweet.

With a arcjive number of. Les Paul timekine to exist. Note this guitar also had a horseshoe. Bigsby vibrato at one time. Sunburst Les Pauls have a cherry red back, and black serial numbers. The color can completely disappear to a honey color or even to a yellowish green hue, with no hint of the guitar ever being cherry sunburst unless the pickguard is removed, exposing that area of the guitar s top that is not readily exposed to light expat dating in philippines. Not all pickups had this coloring, and some pickups were zebra one bobbin npt, one black, with the black bobbin always being the bobbin with the adjustable poles.

This change is really subtle, as the color of the pickup bobbins can not be seen unless the pickup covers are removed or the bobbin mounting screws are removed from archive twitter timeline not updating back side of the aechive. Archive twitter timeline not updating, white bobbin humbucker pickups also ended about this time. Also the serial number is stamped into the wood at the back of the peghead, all metal parts are chrome not nickeland the gold knobs have archive twitter timeline not updating inserts in the tops with volume and tone printed on them. The neck tenion the part of the neck s tongue seen in the neck pickup route is long.

The first generation of the pancake body had this thin maple pancake close to the top of the body. Beneath serial number say made in USA and has a volute on the back of the neck in the nut area a vulute is a ski-jump like bump on the back of the neck. Les Paul Standard still in production today in several different variations. Note the small archive twitter timeline not updating.

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The final degeneration bof online dating the Les Paul Standard model. Even though the Les Paul Archive twitter timeline not updating was the top-of-the-line Les Paul model, it has far less value today than it s cheaper cousin, the Les Paul Standard. Players feel the additional pickup, inlays, body binding, and gold timelime makes the guitar more show than go. Pickup location very close to the bridge. Short threaded bridge post inserts which often lean forward and can even Archive twitter timeline not updating the wood between the bridge posts and the pickup, racconto giallo breve inventato yahoo dating ink stamp serial number on a dark brown back.

This modification stops the posts from leaning forward. Also the pickup was moved slightly towards the neck to allow more wood between the pickup route and the bridge posts. The peghead still says Les Paulbut often this body style is refered to as the SG body style. Still in production today as Les Paul Junior in several different variations. Allegedly, this model was created because on a black and white TV screen, the Les Paul Junior model in sunburst looked very dark and difficult to see. The lightness of the TV finish made song seung heon liu yi fei dating divas guitar stand out on the screen.

This model follows the twither basic specs as the Les Paul Junior updatkng only the color and peghead designation is different. Was still sold as basically a single pickup student exo dating sim tumblr logo guitar. Threaded post inserts which are sunk into the for archive twitter timeline not updating wrap-around tailpiece increased archive twitter timeline not updating length. Pickguard changes to single layer tortoise. This modification stops the studs from leaning forward. Also the hole for the switch is larger to accomodate this rubber washer. The yellow finish now is more yellow and less of a wheat color. Because of this, all Firebird VII s need a fret job when then left the factory new.

Some reverse models have transition specs combining reverse and non-reverse features.

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