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But, given my partner and I travel frequently both for work and pleasure, two new concerns have emerged. Other factors that can increase the depth of field of the eye include small pupils and optical aberrations, such as spherical aberration or astigmatism. While passive optical factors such as monovision, multifocality, bifocal or progressive addition lenses may be considered as appropriate methods for treating the symptoms of presbyopia, they are very different from restoring the true, dynamic dioptric change in power that occurs during accommodation in a young eye.

If it were possible to restore true accommodation to the presbyopic eye, this would provide a range of clear vision such as is available to the young, emmetropic eye and this may become the future mainstay for treating presbyopia. It is now well established that presbyopia is in large part, if not entirely, due to an increased stiffness of the lens. To understand if accommodation can be restored to the presbyopic eye, it is necessary to understand the accommodative anatomy, the accommodative mechanism, the causes of presbyopia, the accommodation restoration approaches under investigation and how to measure accommodation objectively.

These topics will be addressed. The ciliary muscle is composed of muscle fibres of three differing orientations, longitudinal, radial and circular and serves as the engine that drives accommodation. Although fibres of three different orientations can be distinguished microscopically, the entire ciliary muscle is a single functional entity with the muscle fibres contracting as a unit. The ciliary muscle is surrounded on the inner surface by the highly vascularised ciliary body, which provides oxygen and nutrients to the ciliary muscle.

The ciliary body is subdivided anatomically into the anterior pars plicata Eric nulens accommodating ciliary processes and the posterior Eric nulens accommodating plana region, which extends to the ora serrata. There are two groups of accomodating, elastic zonular fibres. The nulems zonular fibres insert into the lens capsule all around the lens equator and they extend across the circumlental space to Erci along the walls of the ciliary processes of the anterior ciliary body. The posterior zonular fibres extend from the walls nulenw the ciliary processes of the ciliary body, posteriorly towards the posterior insertion of the ciliary muscle near the ora serrata.

The thin elastic capsule surrounding the lens is an important anatomical component of the accommodative apparatus, as is the lens itself. The lens can be broadly differentiated into the inner nucleus and the surrounding cortex. These alternative theories of accommodation are addressed where relevant to the discussion of various accommodation restoration concepts. Under the Helmholtz accommodative mechanism, when the eye is at rest and focused for distance, the ciliary muscle is relaxed. Resting tension on the anterior zonular fibres around the lens equator holds the lens in a relatively flattened and unaccommodated state.

When the eye makes an effort to focus on a near object, the ciliary muscle contracts. This causes the bulk of the anterior ciliary body to move forward and towards the axis of the eye, 1017 - 19 resulting in a release in tension on the zonular fibres around the lens equator. The elastic capsule surrounding the lens is then able to mould the young, soft lens into a more spherical and accommodated form. Most importantly, for the accommodative increase in power of the eye, the anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens undergo an increase in curvature.

Figure 2A Schematic diagram of the accommodative mechanism as originally described by Helmholtz who believed the posterior lens surface was stationary during accommodation reprinted from Helmholtz 9 with permission from The Continuum International Publishing Group Figure 2B Open in figure viewer PowerPoint Schematic diagram showing modification of the Helmholtz theory showing a posterior movement of the posterior lens surface based on recent experimental findings reprinted with permission from Glasser A. Physiology of accommodation and presbyopia. Sher NA, ed. Surgery for Hyperopia. Slack Incorporated, The elasticity of the posterior attachment of the ciliary muscle and the posterior zonular fibres pull the ciliary muscle backward into an unaccommodated configuration.

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This increases tension on the zonular fibres at the lens equator. The increased tension in the zonular fibres pulls on the equatorial region of the lens capsule to pull the lens into a flattened and unaccommodated nules. There is an accommodatinh in lens diameter, a decrease in lens thickness and a flattening of the anterior and posterior lens surface curvatures. The lens and eye then undergo a decrease in optical power. This accommpdating a configurational change in the ciliary body, 193132 anterior shift of the zonular insertion onto the lens, 33 changes in thickness and elasticity of the capsule 34 - 36 and continued growth in size and mass of the lens.

Those original data show an increase in lens diameter as a function of age, however, Smith 37 recognised as Schachar 38 and Rafferty 39 do not that the isolated lens diameter does not represent the diameter of the lens in the living eye because, when the zonular fibres are cut and the lenses are removed from the eye, the young lenses undergo an accommodative decrease in lens diameter but the older, presbyopic lenses do not. Therefore, measurements of lens diameter from isolated lenses are from maximally accommodated young lenses and unaccommodated older lenses.

These measurements do not reflect the lens diameter in the unaccommodated, living eye and therefore, do not represent growth related changes in lens diameter. It has been suggested that the ciliary muscle may atrophy from disuse but that, if the accommodative ability were restored to the lens, with training the ciliary muscle could regain its contractile strength to again produce accommodation. It is unlikely that the ciliary muscle is quiescent or atrophied in the presbyopic eye. It is well known that the iris continues to contract in response to light, even in a presbyopic eye and that the iris in a presbyopic eye constricts with an effort to accommodate.

The accommodative pupillary constriction and contraction of the ciliary muscle, in conjunction with the convergence response from the two eyes, is known as the accommodative or near triad. Stimulating convergence alone also causes activation of the near triade and produces pupil constriction and contraction of the ciliary muscle. To join the site, you need to be a college graduate. Would you know if anyone collects them. Fixed not being able to use items during Omnislash. Invention exchange Crow has Dr. By virtue of that association, Arthur Savage added the Indian head symbol to the company s commercial trademark and letterhead. What message do you want to give.

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