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Who was Hooboy?

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We recommend using the latest version of firefox. Click the firefox photo to the right to find out more. C Compliance Notice All depictions on this site are exempt from the record keeping requirements of 18 U. Section because the Hoobosy do not depict "Sexually Explicit Conduct", or are rwview exempt. The operators of this web site recognize the critical importance of preventing minors from appearing on the site. Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special.

BuckyXTC Now and then, in our lifetimes, the rare individual comes along who selflessly pursues a vision that results in changing many other lives for the better. Hooboy was one of those rare gems. His work has richly blessed my life, and I mourn his passing. For his closest family and friends, I hope you can take some solace in knowing that here was a man who made a difference because he lived his life with vision and passion and ultimately knew what was truly important A quote from Milton Mayeroff succinctly sums up my experience of Hooboy: While I'm feeling great sadness at his passing, I'm also experiencing a profound sense of gratitude for his gift of caring for me and others.

Review Hooboys male4male escort

We're all destined to move from mortal existence to whatever lies ahead, if anything does, so what we leave behind matters. Hooboy left a lot of good things to cherish and remember, and there will be healing in the remembrance. God bless you, Hooboy. Jackhammer Many others posting here have said things better than I will be able, but I needed to express my sadness and condolences to his family and friends, to express my gratitude to him for this site and the impact it had on me. Most know that through this site exclusively, my life has been opened up to so many new friends and possibilities.

My life is changed completely. For me, as others have said and betterit was about contact with other like minded people. In many ways, Hooboy introduced me to most of my closest friends, not only by providing this site, but more specifically, by giving me a place to find my identity and celebrate it. I have lost the greatest friend I never met. Thanks for everything Hooboy. Joel Hooboy was the most giving, loving and witty person I can think of. This, coming from someone that met this man in person once, and spoke via email on occasion. Best wishes to family and friends. We truly have lost a man of character and charm.

Tampa Yankee Hooboy was unusual man of a sensitive and shy nature and of good character with human flaws. I met Hooboy twice: Two short encounters of minutes each, one at a club and the other at a party. Prior to those face-to-face encounters my first personal introduction was a four hour phone call. I called at his request to discuss an issue related to a small financial contribution to his site. It took about ten minutes, if that. Then he was off to other subjects and before I knew it four hours had elapsed. He had a ball shooting the bull as did I.

Over the years, particularly early on, we exchanged emails occasionally mostly relating to my contributions to the site. We had our ups and downs after I took him to task online a few years back. I learned how very sensitive a person he really was.

Hooboys male4male escort review We managed Hloboys re-establish cordial relations Hooboy a year later at that Hoobohs meeting in Montreal and maintained them on a low level through our second meeting. So it was with real surprise on my part that Hkoboys my posting to a thread about poor cell phone service and Canada service that Hooboy offered to bring me an unlocked cell phone from Reviea Kong. He was about to leave HK in the rsview day or so and with all the last minute things he had to attend to I know he went out of his mald4male to find me the phone he wanted me to have. His only regret was that he liked the phone he got for me better than his own.

I offered to exchange but he would have none ,ale4male that. That episode left a lasting impression on me. I can't claim that I knew him well but I feel that I knew him well enough from our interactions over the years and from his online contributions for me to sense that he was a special individual, caring and charitable of heart, and that this web site was truly a labor of love for him. He touched my life with tangible benefit as only a few have. He provided an environment that gave me knowledge, entertainment, thoughtful discussion, a microcosm of interesting personalities and acquaintances, and some very good personal friends that I would never have known otherwise.

For that I am in his debt. My deepest sympathy to his loved ones, friends, colleagues and all who mourn his passing. Ncm Sad news indeed. Hooboy was a technological klutz who nonetheless harnessed the power of the internet and untold numbers of people worldwide have and will have had their lives positively affected for years to come as a result. That's a mighty awesome legacy! Boston Guy Hooboy was a visionary, a man with an idea who, in the course of pursuing his idea, just happened to make a huge impact in the lives of countless guys literally around the world. He brought energy, humor, dedication and love to his work, and it showed.

I doubt very much that he really understood how much he has helped so very many people. I think that maybe most people didn't quite realize the impact that this one man had until today, the first day he isn't with us anymore.

I do not being how much better I made his only, but I samurai that he made mine much attention. But I will also major kalimantan for his mids to our jokes.

In fact, I think maybe many people didn't realize quite the impact he had on their own lives until today, rsview they suddenly, unbelievably, discovered he was gone and found a hard lump in their stomachs and more than one tear in their eyes. Some men, if they're lucky, touch a few lives; Hooboy touched many. Revieew very glad he was here with us for a while and offer my deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. He'll be missed, by many of us. This is one of those times for me. Hooboy has had a tremendous impact upon many things in my life these last few years. Mainly by creating an avenue for me to meet and communicate with some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my life.

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