Should i date my friends crush

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When You Start Developing Feelings For Your Friend’s Crush

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As soon as you do, your friend calls and reminds you to invite him to her birthday party. You text him and talk about everything but the birthday party. The party finally arrives. Everyone is there. He shows up late and when you see him you see your friend smiling, happy as hell. You think to yourself, let the acting begin once again. You need to cool down. You go outside.

You hope no one follows you. You hope he does. And I'm not saying that because you are with her now. If any other person were her boyfriend, you would advise your friend just the same way that he needs to get over this. So he doesn't want to ruin your new-found relationship. Who does he think gives him the right to talk like this? He had a crush and was rejected. That doesn't give him any rights.

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You are worried what he might do. You think that in his Shhould he has some idea that he has the right to do something crysh he had a crush. Of course he has no such right. To prevent him from doing something stupid, do what you can to wipe that idea out from his mind. If he says she left him, tell everyone loudly that no, she never left him, because they never were together in the first place, that she never gave him any indication that he had any chance, and that he was rejected.

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