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The League Is A Dating App That Doesn't Play Games

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Users can choose to become League Members and pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for an increased number of daily prospects, friend request capability, receipt of VIP passes to give friends priority, and other perks such as read receipt functionality, profile feedback, and first round invitations to League social events. Furthermore, The League captures value through click through advertising revenues. The primary challenge dating platforms face as a business model is that the inherent goal of the service is for users to ultimately disintermediate and date each other. This ultimately results in users exchanging phone numbers, and moving off of the platform.

The better The League is at doing its intended goal, the worse off it becomes because it loses members from its network and suffers from loss of advertising revenue another primary source of revenue aside from premium membership fees. In addition, there is a great deal of multi-homing in the mobile dating industry. Given low switching costs and limited differentiation between platforms and services, many consumers have free accounts on several mobile dating platforms. There is minimal brand loyalty in the mobile dating space.

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The League attempted to mitigate the risk of multi-homing by incorporating the waitlist feature to its service. In addition, The League worked to mitigate the risk of a reduction in global network post dating match by incorporating in-person dating social events into its platform. Rather than just offering a dating matching service, The League aims to create an entire experience around dating. Their designs feature bright colors and interactive gimmicks. Worst of all, that sort of gamification takes the focus off meeting up in real life. It starts with their data model. Have you seen their data model?

We have a really interesting social rating we can overlay with the Facebook data, which everybody has. We know our user better than Facebook in that sense. Separating the user's work life from their dating life is an understated benefit. Dating is fun, but it also has its downsides.

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The League goes a step further and eliminates the possibility. The media frames The League as elitist. It's a lazy narrative, but it's clear why it's popular. Class warfare is hot, equalism is not.

It's natural. Do you have an awesome background and education? Or do you have awesome photos?

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