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Idris Elba Blocks K. Michelle on Instagram, More Relationship Woes Revealed in Leaked Email

I was inventing little stuff. She partnerships, "I am not kidding a work via email, however, I would only to say these theorists to you on the navigator.

He would never be committed to one woman.

And he said I would be taken care of. I would be fine. But he would never commit to one woman. You had some sauce. You know, men are different with different women.

It was reversed sex, I join because of the proper. So he took to L.

He was a gentleman. Very supportive. Amazing head! I remember that head. Trending K.mlchelle MadameNoire Comment Disclaimer: So what does K think about that? We never dated. We were super cool, he had wanted me to sign to Dreamchasers and all of that, we were both same label, everything. This A-list ni—a trying to f—k on me.

I remember icris a cell phone and I was fighting with J. That was the first dude! Me and Wale like brother and sister. What is that? So he came to L. We got kicked out comedy clubs for him heckling, all types of stuff. His management, my management. That was one of my best friends. He has the same issues as every other man. No no no, I think that was God showing me to get away from basketball players and that I needed a grown man. I told him, I said his pants were too tight and his accent was funny. That was the purpose.

Dating idris K.michelle

Watch the segment below. Check back tomorrow to find out what K. Spread the love.

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