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If these feelings persist or interfere with their ability to work, they should seek help and know that it is normal to do so.

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Watch for warning signs and be prepared to act. Advice for Your Teen: Graduating from high school is such an exciting time. For some, this may mean transitioning to a full time job. For others, it may mean heading off to college. Here are some tips for you to consider. Participate in activities to promote your overall health. Talk with your pediatrician about when to start seeing an adult doctor.

Many young adults see their pediatricians until they turn Your pediatrician can provide you with guidance about choosing an adult health provider. If you have a health care problem, know the facts. When going to a new doctor or clinic, you will need to provide information about your diagnosis and how you treat it. If you are taking medication to treat a health care problem, know the name of the medication, how is it taken, side effects, and if you cannot have certain foods or drinks while taking the medication. Also know how and where you will go to refill prescriptions. If you will no longer be living at home, know where you will go if you are having a health problem. What hospitals or clinics are close by?

Is there a student health center? Be sure you are familiar with the local or campus health center and counseling center hours of operation, services offered, fees, location and what to do if the Center is closed nights and weekends. Make sure you have your insurance card and know how to use it For example, some insurance companies may only allow certain labs or may require pre-authorization for referrals. If you have a chronic health condition, make sure roommates or someone close to you know about your health condition, signs of problems, and what to do in an emergency situation.

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Consider having your treating physician send a report with your current status and treatment report to the Health Center. If your problem is particularly complex or challenging, consider talking with or meeting with a health center staff member before the academic year starts. Find out what resources are available to support you. Read More Joshua will soon be a Berkner High School alumnus, but at the time this article was published, his only alma mater was Richland College. The special agreement between the college and Richardson school district "allowed him an opportunity to get ahead in regards to graduation credits for high school and also for college The Texas Legislature has lauded the teen's accomplishments in commendations and proclamations.

House Resolution 80 states: Chari as an expression of high regard by the Texas House of Representatives. He maintains a humble attitude despite his accomplishments and told CNN he hopes his education will translate into a successful career as a biomechanical engineer.

Currently, he's wrapping up an internship at Marlow Industries, which focuses on thermoelectric heating, cooling, power generation graduatio energy harvesting products. It's just kind of the foundation," he said. Joshua's brother, Jonathan, also graduated high school with enough dual credit to mre multiple associate tfen. He also held two patents at age Still, Raj and Manjusha Chari were in awe of how far Joshua has taken his studies. Joshua's father, a pilot-turned-information-technology-professional, attributes his sons' success to their early exposure to the sciences.

From an early age, they've had subscriptions to science magazines geared toward kids, such as National Geographic Kids and Kids Discovery, along with publications like Scientific American, Raj Chari said. If he weren't aiming to become an engineer, he'd probably set his sights on professional gaming or race car driving, Joshua said, insisting he's just a normal kid.

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