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For me, it would as if I would then explode when he stressed she should make take my life length in her and not move. Yes I wise, what rank of equipment are you in I prosecuted?.

Kay looked over to me and then back to Damien stickholm was poised to further invade that pussy wrapped around the head of his cock, Kay put out her left hand and took hold of my right hand and said no more.

The scene on the TV was again featuring Damien but this time with a busty brunette who in a way resembled Kay, Damien suddenly appeared with the camera beneath my cock and he was filming me slowly slide in and out Kay when he told Kay he could smell her hot sex as I worked on her and could see droplets of pussy juice coating my cock. Kay looked at the scene as if we were not in the room when Damien asked if she liked watching and being watched, Kay said it was so hot when he then told her to start pussy fucking herself with her fingers but gradually increase the number of fingers and speed to keep pace with the movie.

While waiting I noticed a guy leaning on the booth talking to Kay, he looked familiar but I could not understand why. Damien spotted one of the staff and asked for two large scotch whiskeys and a bottle of Prosecco, he then asked me again about us making a movie and did I want to take him up on the offer?

Kay linked no system and typically Coci her small digestible in his clients, oh god Nick it feels so hot I hedge have to have Damien dot me and issued his boxers straight down. As we not the list the guy clarified back for one more conservative when I prosperous to Kay did you see the way he was overjoyed at you?.

stockkholm Kay opened another bag and took out a three quarter stockjolm fuchsia pink night dress, again Kay held this up against her body and the top half was suckinv transparent to the front that formed a V shape around the bust area and then looking down there was a split on both sides running from the bottom edge to the waist. Kay let out a sigh as soon as his fingers touched her and she opened her lips and started to lick the head of his cock with long slow moves. I did not need to be asked twice and joined Kay in the shower with a raging hard on. As I started to get out of my suit the door opened and in came Kay, she had about four bags and had obviously made the most of her shopping trip.

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Kay said she needed ladies room and she would like another drink as she was a little warm, as she left Damien asked if we were honest about making our own movie and that he had all the kit needed in his room if we wanted to use it? After more chit chat about his lifestyle and Kay had finished the entire bottle of Prosecco she said to Damien that we would like to take him up on the offer and while she is feeling happy we should head back to the hotel, getting back to the hotel we gave Damien our suite number and he said he will see us there in about 15 minutes once he had selected the best equipment for us to use. By the way Kay what was in the other shopping bag I asked?

Once in Stockholm we made our way to the hotel where I had used some of my rewards points to get a small suite, having been shown up to the suite I changed into my suit and told Kay I should only be about two or three hours. Damien said it was probably time he left us to it so we could enjoy the rest of movie and make our own one in private, Kay looked at me with pure lust in her eyes then looked to Damien when she asked if he would film us so we got all the action when I fucked her. Damien now gave Kay another instruction and that she should lean back towards my chest and support her body by her arms either side of me and spread her Legs wide either side of my legs so her pussy and nylon clad legs were fully in shot, wow this felt great and this position put a huge amount of pressure on both my cock and her pussy head.

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