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And we would be foolish to forget the alternately sensitive and raucous Neil Young, who never met an expectation he did not defy.

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The trouble yiutube., the self-deprecation so regularly on display is often lost on Americans. Born in Montreal. Amid the polite folk rock of Gordon Lightfoot and Anne Murray, there was the melancholy genius of Joni Mitchell, who was hip enough to win the blessing of Charles Mingus. Born Abel Tesfaye, to Ethiopian parents. Born in Mississauga, Ontario. Studied finance at McGill University.

Raised in Ottawa. But the notion that our neighbor to the north is a frozen cultural wasteland populated with hopelessly unstylish citizens is quickly becoming so outdated as to be almost offensive. Prickett does not produce work that is meant to comfort. More on NYTimes.

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His obscurity may have something to do with the fact that he is from Canada, the country that gave the world ice hockeythe snow blower and Labatt beer. Signed to Interscope Records, which will release his first album this year. Lives in London. British mother, Turkish father.

Polley and the Weeknd, Ms. But still … Canada? Born in London, Ontario; lives in Los Angeles.

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