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Fisting Confessions

Do you still own something to trade. Oh yes thats it.

My thumb worked her clit, which ensured a constant source of juicy lube. I worked my now four fingers straight with just a bit of curve on each. I worked them in and out of her and she opened wider and wider at my will.

I net I can do that for fistkng. I coined, minor from my achievement. Ok, thats vis, i say as I lay on my trading.

You have had four fingers inside you before. Are you ready to go all the way? Tell me Alice are you ready to be fisted? I continued to pump her. I My fisting stories her legs into the air and changed the angles and the pitch of my fingers shoving them all the way into her and past my knuckles. I was so scared, scared it would hurt, scared I would rip or break or My fisting stories wrecked for any other man ever again. Fist my hole. Each ripple, each tickle, every move sent waves of pain and pleasure through me. I was scared so scared. All the way Alice. I exploded. My cunt grabbed hold as tight as it could and I screamed and wailed. Sir seized the moment and slowly rocked with my motion his hand now open sliding out of me and then closed back inside.

It was finally here, the moment I had waited on for such a long time was here and I loved it. And the constant moaning assured me that she was fine. Do you want the fisting? Do you want it harder? Her eyes were rolling. She was looking at me then looking at the ceiling her eyes were disappearing into the back of her head. Her legs stayed wide and her body just accommodated any position I put it in. She was willing and wanton and her pussy had just broken its fisting virginity. I worked her faster, in and out, again and again, the inner flesh of her love tunnel grasping and releasing with every thrust.

I want you to hold my arm and help me slide my hand inside you. No, its too much! Alice started to lift my arm up and slowly pushing my fingers deeper inside her with every stroke. I was enjoying the ecstasy I had watched the wife in the film experience. My cunt was now the one that was sopping wet, making those delicious wet noises as my beautiful boy fucked me with his fingers. I felt him push a little harder, and my cunt stretched to accommodate whatever it was he was doing. I watched him as he concentrated, his eyes fixed between my thighs. He had this look on his face, like he was feeling a mix of awe and intense pleasure.

I looked down to see him dominate my cunt and I realised his whole hand was in there. His entire hand up to the wrist was fucking my soaking hot cunt and I collapsed on the bed unable to stop moaning. His hand felt huge, but glorious and incredibly hot. I looked up and watched him fumble with the belt on his jeans, forcefully pull them down and grab his cock out of his pants. He was rock hard. With one hand he was fucking me to oblivion, and with the other he started furiously wanking. He needed to fuck, badly. I started to move my hips more, and soon I needed to put something more in me, and slid in my pinkie together with the other three fingers I was already using, leaving the thumb out alone.

Not a big deal at first, but I discovered since some time that doing so would make me able to push in deeper, past the knuckles, without my thumb yet of course. And so, the more minutes passed and the more I pushed in, I was gradually fucking my ass not only with four fingers, but with the first half of my palm, with only the thumb keeping myself from going further. I don't know why, maybe I needed to feel the kink of a different position Maybe I was fantasizing being riding some huge cock or something.

Then I discovered that that storiies made my open asshole even more loose and relaxed Delighted by that discovery, I first looked above me, and then closed my eyes and smiled, while my increasing arousal was making me panting more and more. As my excitation increased, I was fucking fissting faster and faster I almost couldn't believe how storoes it was. Then Stoories asked myself, "could this be the right fisitng My heart started to pound a little more when i took my fingers out of my ass, then Fksting started to fuck it with my thumb to lube it more, as well as smearing the lube on the back of fiwting hand, which was still a bit dry.

Then I started putting all five fingers in He was boring me. Storiies years of great sex, I outgrew him. While he became lazy and unimaginative, something inside me tisting developing. Without really understanding it, I was becoming storis most people would call a total pervert. Images of bondage gear, PVC and gloryholes started to pass through my head at night. I started watching porn videos storjes he was away. Tisting or later it had to end, so I just left him a note and moved to another town. Almost as soon as I found a room, I met Dan in a bar. Or at least, he said his name was Dan. It didn't matter. It could have been anyone.

One thing led to another, and he seemed like a nice guy, so we ended up going back to his apartment. I had a good feeling about him. He was confident, successful, direct and wouldn't mess me around. Little did I know, but he was also a complete monster in the bedroom. Deeper and ever so slowly deeper he gets, as if hes trying to tease me. Your butt crack is so hot Casey. I can feel the heat from it even though its so hot out. He says to me. Clearing my throat, I tell him, Oh yeah? Well you better get some oil in there so I dont burn. I feel the trickle of oil pour into my ass hole. I can barely stand it any longer.

Firm but slow he runs his middle finger right straight down my ass crack and over my yearning asshole. He rubs my asshole nice and slow, nearly getting his finger inside me, when he pulls it back out and runs his hand down to my legs. I let out an uncontollable moan of desire as my twin brother just toys with me. My game of teasing him and seducing him has turned. Now he has his sister at his total mercy. He can fuck my asshole as long as he wants, and doesnt even know it. You can stick you fingers in my ass if you want Tommy, its ok, I nearly beg. Without stopping he runs his hand down my back, up and over the small of my back, and into my hot tight ass.

Again, his middle finger just toys with my rear opening until I feel myself relax and his finger just eases right into my asshole. In and out he moves his finger. Nice and slow, firm and deep. Oh God Tommy, your gonna make me cum!!! I moan. In and out goes his finger and now I feel him pressing another finger into my tight little asshole. Thats it. Two fingers deep and I explode with my first ever orgasm not of my own doing. I buck up into his hand uncontrollably, jamming his fingers deep into my asshole. I love it.

Stories My fisting

I dont ever want it to stop. Slowly I come down from my highest of highs. Oh my God M, that was fidting intense, so wonderful. Tommy doesnt say a word when I feel his fingers retreat from my rectum and delve even lower to stroies sopping wet pussy. With no hesitation he pushes two fingers right up into my pussy. Again I moan loudly, as my mind is just overcome with so much pleasure. Tommy tries to spreads my legs and I instinctively help him. He makes his way from my side and is now behind me. I feel a third finger from his other hand feel for my clit and find it.

He moves his two fingers in and out of my wet pussy and zeroes in on my clit. I feel an energy building inside me that I cant controll. So wonderful is his touch on my clit, I beg him. Please make me cum Tommy. Oh Yeah Tommy, just like that. Put another finger in my pussy Tommy, Oh yeah thats it push it into me, Im telling him. Your gonna make me cum so hard Tommy, Please dont stop! My mouth is dry and my breathing is getting heavy. My pussy is so hungry to be stretched. I beg him some more. Please tommy, Put another finger in my tight pussy!! I feel him trying to work a fourth finger deep into his sisters tight pussy.

Im pushing up at his hand with my hips, trying to help him get his fingers in me. Oh my God Tommy you are gonna make me cum so hard. His finger is working overtime on my clit drawing nearer the edge.

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