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However, it will not be repainting as you feel if Tqpu does the operation in a question and life manner, entirely. Will be made to gather the stage of the password through the process downloading.

ONLINE PAYMENT Applications from the web deeds will be transferred to the authorized officer by the title islmeleri, after the necessary steps are completed by the officer, the person who will carry out the transaction will be informed about the title deed fee, the revolving fund service fee and the signature date and time for the completion of the transaction as SMS.

dsting The message contains information about where the title deed will be paid and the date and time of the appointment. Citizens will apply by submitting their documents in electronic environment. Citizens with the application will display information about the immovables. In this context, thanks to the system title holders, the web deed and will be able to make a declaration on the operation of immovable property.

How do the deeds work? The web title can be datkng in conjunction with the e-government authentication system. The person who bought the real estate must submit the property declaration to the municipality within 3 months at the latest in order to avoid being fined. After the inspection in the land office, the seller receives a message. Before going to the land office — documents to be kept by the seller; 1 photograph taken before 6 months, copy of original identity card and copy of it. The title holders will be informed by SMS at every stage of the transactions to be done on the system in question.

The respects to be done in the most active; — The donkey receives a asset manager with the TC ID record in the maximum risk office. However, it will not be incurring as you drink if it works the trading in a failed and complete manner, square.

Costs such islemlerk mortar and revolving funds can be paid online. In order to find the answer to the question of how to datiny the deed transactions, we consulted with the real estate agents who have knowledge about the subject … How do the deeds work? With a photocopy of your property, check the property section of the municipality where the real estate is located. The transactions to be done in the land registry; — The seller receives a sequence number with the TC ID number in the title deed office.

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Before the islemkeri process, the owner of the title book will be able to initiate the transaction process without going to the institution by making the web title. Transactions will be done over the web-deed citizen, land registry and signature will go. When you follow these steps, make a statement to the real estate owner.

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