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As the old saying goes, "Familiarity breeds contempt" and lkcal could be more accurate when it comes to relationships. When they fall in love, many women immediately feel as though they should tell wluts new man everything about themselves. Their past, their ex-lovers, their indiscretions ,all with the hope it will bring them closer. It won't. When it comes to being honest in relationships, there are some things you should never tell a man Don't Talk About Ex-Boyfriends - No Findx how much a man asks you to tell him about your ex-boyfriends. Even though a man will assure you it doesn't matter what you tell him Sighed slts girl: There was no greetwelll o f this in the report. About the same time many newspapers carried a Finds local sluts for sex in greetwell about rules o f courtship enforced by Burmese Communists as revealed to the International Confederation o f Free Trade Unions.

While matrimonial talks were in progress between two persons, no other suitor was allowed to intervene. A t any period in history courting is conducted according to different standards in different sections o f the community. No attempt has been made in these pages to describe quaint old folk customs in quaint old villages. A book with this title cannot omit all mention o f love letters, but it is not concerned with those literary love affairs in which the correspondents wrote with one eye on posterity. The loves o f literary men may figure occasionally in these pages, but not their letters.

Sir W alter Raleigh was near the truth when he said: They that are rich in words, in words discover T hat they are poor in that which makes a lover. I Cave-man to Ovid never tire o f drawing pictures o f cave-men dragging captive women across the countryside by the hair. One o f the brighter variations on this theme showed two gossiping cave-women looking on at the brutal abduction o f a third. Said one to the other: It is possible that neither o f these things happened. The modern theory is that marriage by capture— supposedly the first form o f wooing— rarely occurred outside o f war; that any rough handling o f the female was an essential sop to her maiden modesty.

That knowledgeable historian o f marriage, Edward Westermarck, thinks that if marriage by capture ever occurred it must have been at a stage o f social growth before the idea o f barter had presented itself. If young men wanted his daughters as brides they had to pay the market price, if necessary on easy terms, or in the shape o f a r t o o n is t s C 1 The Origin and Development o f the M oral Ideas. The dowry system was firmly established in Babylon, Greece and Rome. This does not mean that impassioned— even romantic— love between man and woman found no scope amid the matrimonial bargainings o f the ancient world. Regretfully, down the centuries, the scholars have been forced back on the view that the Song may be what it seems to be— a sensuously phrased love song.

Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. Periodically they were allowed to attend festivals, suitably escorted.

They met no young men, and therefore had scant opportunity o f falling in love. Each knew that, in due time, she could expect to find herself married to an experienced, probably courteous, but often reluctant citizen o f twice her age and four times her wisdom. She did not have to worry about finding this husband, o r whether she was really in love with him or not. The whole thing was out o f her hands, and not knowing any other system she did not criticize it. He might be indifferent to the appearance o f his bride, and deem it superfluous for her to attend the formal betrothal.

Athenian men put off the tiresome burden o f marriage as long as they decently could, vastly preferring public life to domestic. The duty o f wives, as they saw it, was clear and simple— to perpetuate the race. Since this was a sacred trust, it must obviously be a full-time job, leaving women no time for gadding about. Aristotle thought a wife ought to be more obedient even than a slave. But between domestic affection and an all-kindling passion there was an untraversed gulf. I f he wanted something badly he had to learn to plead for it, as well as pay for it. In other Greek states women enjoyed more freedom than in Athens. The graceful, close-cropped Spartan girls moved among the men, vying with them in athletics.

Nay, it caused a simplicity o f manners and an emulation for the best habit o f body. A Spartan bridegroom was expected to carry off his bride by violence. In the patriarchal Rome o f the Republic women were in no sense prisoners o f the home. They went to public entertainments and took part in social life. There were three forms o f marriage, all o f which gave the husband life-and-death power over his wife. The Roman male did not feel guilt in carnality; that was to come with Christianity. Though prostitutes were despised, an unmarried young man could not be expected to be entirely celibate.

The Finds local sluts for sex in greetwell resolved itself into simple terms. There was affection; that was for wives. Love, in the sense o f a transcending passion, was rare. It was a mania, the kind o f folly that consumed overheated poets, and was sometimes fatal in its consequences. It waxed, as love is Finds local sluts for sex in greetwell to wax, on frustration, and when it did occur it was likely to occur in adultery, which was a capital offence though not a rare one. In the spiritual degeneration o f Rome, after the Punic W ars, husbands surrendered their old authority, and wayward matrons as Juvenal testifies began to squander their wealth on gladiators, astrologers and abortionists.

Marriage became no more than a reciprocal engagement entered into by a couple, with the casually given consent o f their parents; and many o f these unions were broken as lightly as they were contracted. Into this rotting society, in the last year o f the Republic, was bom the poet Ovid, author o f that dubious and durable jest, The A rt o f Love. W as it a satire? A mere literary exercise? A milestone o f civilization? Andre Maurois. Encyclopedia Britannica. F or this reason, and for another perhaps weightier reason not disclosed, he rusticated the author. If the more notorious passages o f the poem are to be taken literally, they are shocking enough.

The best time to court a resisting wife is when she has just discovered her husband to be unfaithful; she will then grant her favours out o f revenge. And so on. The love o f which O vid writes is neither grand passion, nor young love, nor married love. The victims enjoy it too: Fair Phoebe and her sister did prefer, T o their dull mates, the noble ravisher. And again: Gaining a mistress was only the beginning; to keep her faithful was the task o f Art. The suitor must flatter her incessantly. He must lose to her at gambling. He must be sedulous in brushing dust, real or imaginary, from her cloak. Her loose mantle must not be allowed to trail in the dirt; an enterprising man, scooping up its folds, will contrive for himself a rewarding glimpse o f leg.

At the circus he must watch that those sitting behind her do not thrust their knees into her back still a common nuisance at circuses. He must laugh with her, and weep when she weeps. I f he cannot weep to order he should consider moistening his eye with his finger. If he can contrive to look pale, so much the better, for she will think he is sick and that she is the cause. A t the dinner table he will lose no opportunity o f establishing secret contact between feet and hands. He will make a point o f applying his lips to the part of the cup which her lips have touched. I f she reminds him o f his disreputable past he will caress her until she desists.

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