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Drinking at Home Although alcohol is banned in Kuwait, people can consume it freely at home and authorities would not take action even if they knew about it.

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We went on a Friday and there were inn men from Saudi as clientele. Ragheb said alcohol vendors are extremely hve he has to order his favorite drink in advance to make sure it would be available. Wide, comfortable, low settees and large coffee tables in much of it. Article of law 46 of the year prohibits importing and selling alcohol, stating that such crimes shall be punished with prison terms that would not be longer than ten years.

Many of the Saudi visitors head to the less strict neighboring country to spend time in nightclubs. We will return if it's convenient as the TV's are great if you like your sport, the drinks are great value and the staff are good. I went with it and had a burger and enjoyed it. Middle class drinkers usually indulge themselves on special occasions only.

Shuwaikh Port: Based in Riyadh, the Lebanese engineer has played down the notion that acquiring alcohol manaama virtually impossible in the ultra-conservative kingdom, stressing that he can have as many drinks as he wants. He realizes that he takes a risk, hwve a financially rewarding one; drinjs sells the alcohol he smuggles into Saudi Arabia at astronomical prices. The anonymous man cited a "lack of security at Shuwaikh Port". In posh restaurants in Kuwait, there are always fancy bottles perched on tables. He said thousands of Kuwaitis traveled to other countries to splash cash on drinks, saying such a huge amount of money should be spent in the local market.

While dealing with each other, customers and traders would use a code so no one would tell what they are talking about; Saudis have given alcohol many names, such as "my friend" and "hot water".

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Much as Bahrain is a prime destination for alcohol dome, Abdulaziz stresses that most of the booze is smuggled into Saudi Arabia from UAE, particularly through Al-Batha border crossing. The service is always good and the bar staff are always really helpful and friendly to us. We tried the bar menu for the first time and it is just that, a bar menu. Yes, this includes beer and wine so it's fabulous value if you're a couple and not driving! They might be mistaken for bottles of fine wine but one can tell upon a closer look it is actually a non-alcoholic beverage that restaurants use to make their customers feel they would go the whole nine yards.

Some of the more comfortable tables were reserved but the staff let us use one as we weren't staying long.

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