Thunderbird refresh all imap folders not updating

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Thunderbird 52.2.0 update: issues with IMAP folders

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Not Thunderbird imap refresh updating folders all

Thunderbird continually synchronizes with the email server as long as it is running and has access to the internet. If internet access is lost, Thunderbird will synchronize when access is reestablished. Non-synchronized messages are still accessible within Thunderbird. The only difference is that rather than downloading the entire message, only the message "headers" are downloaded. Message headers contain information like the sender, recipient ssubject, etc - everything except the body of the message. The message body is not downloaded until you click on the message in the message list which means that if you are not online, you can't read the message. Synchronization impacts performance and disk space usage.

Performance and search Messages that are stored locally load faster than messages stored on an email server. When messages are stored on an email server, the body of the message is not downloaded until it is invoked for example by clicking on the message in Thunderbird's message list. Before Thunderbird can display the message body, it must download it from the email server. When Thunderbird has to download many messages from the email server, it can result in a temporary performance lag. This is partially caused by the download process itself, but also caused by the indexing process whereby the text of messages is analyzed and indexed, enabling fast and powerful message search.

Once the downloading and indexing is complete, performance returns to normal. The status of the synchronization is displayed in Thunderbird's bottom left corner. Thunderbird's full-text search of the message body is only available for messages that have been synchronized that is, downloaded.

For non-synchronized messages, only the message headers are searchable. Disk space usage If you have a lot of email and you have space constraints on your local drive, you may not want to synchronize all your messages. Compact the Inbox after those messages are copied in. Repeat for the other account's Inbox folder.

Move all of the guidelines currently in your Inbox to that new subfolder. If you don't see Items, tap on the Alt-key first.

The "Real Fix" entry in this article -- http: Even with a brand new Inbox which starts empty it shows refresn unread messages when the folder is imp. Click on the folder and it corrects itself to 0. Even after copying just 10 emails across as a test, compacting and then restarting thunderbird it does the exactly the same. Problems with Gmail folders not showing, repeated email download, etc. I ran into an issue with the new version, and would like to talk about it for a moment before I look at other things that are new.

The problem that I ran into was that some mailboxes, one regular Gmail account and one Google Apps Gmail account, would not list any folders whatsoever.

A temporary fix for the issue is the following: If you don't see Tools, tap on the Alt-key first. Go to Advanced, and click on Config Editor. While the account is still listed in the Thunderbird sidebar that lists all accounts and folders, it does not list information about emails, an inbox, spam folder or anything else. To make matters worse, a click on the account title lists a generic page that does not function at all. Even stranger is the fact that this seems to affect one or two of the accounts randomly.

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