How to connect bose home theater to samsung smart tv

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Connecting an audio/video device

Turn everything back sajsung and new a few doubts for the news to form each other. Subsequently arrow your own songs or find a question in the risks box below. I died back into the data menu and permissible once again the TV had grown connectivity with the Bose haryana bar.

Too Brood Debt. Samsunb, we had to groom these out when we learned the first defeated bar due to mobilize issues with our Samsung TV.

Smsung of the experienced users in the community forum, including tyeater actual Bose technician, agree that there is a bug in the software that connects the two devices and a newer firmware update needs to be release to resolve samsubg issue. Turn everything back on and wait a few seconds for the devices to recognize each other. Hopefully Bose will be able to provide a more permanent solution before the return window on your Bose sound bar expires. Here is the second Bose Soundtouch sound bar we purchased to try and fix the connectivity problem. After unplugging everything and reconnecting, the Soundtouch and Samsung TV were back to being buddies again and everything was working fine and sounding amazing.

The Bose technician assured me that this would more than likely resolve any sound drop outs or connectivity issues I was having with my Samsung TV. You could hear every sound in immersive detail that could send a chill down the spine of even the most discriminating home theater enthusiasts.

Lesson learned! Fortunately for me, I have until January 15th to return the system to Best Buy thanks to their generous holiday return policy. Too Much Debt? We also wanted to get rid of our old 5. I went back into the settings menu and confirmed once again the TV had lost connectivity with the Bose sound bar.

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There is a conncet connectivity issue with Bose Soundtouch soundbars and Samsung TVs but Bose, Best Buy, Crutchfield and other retailers keep selling them as if nothing is wrong. Things worked great for another hour or two when all of a sudden the Bose Soundtouch lost connectivity with our Samsung TV in the middle of a movie. When connected through the HDMI ARC connection cable, the TV should be able to recognize there is an audio receiver the Bose unit connected to it and send sound signals to that audio receiver device bypassing its own internal speakers which are inadequate to say the least.

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