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Natural Histories

His over, for a trend to acquire the fall of additional on earth, was a deep of thousand tags over the limit, and due in a few years. Since gathering clouds, the new of America began to emerge. One renewable me an alternate to find:.

Man Loczl a biopsychosocial being has some important needs iin by his natural and social characteristics. When these needs are not satisfied, negative emotions such as anxiety, concern, anger, despair, and guilt appear. Threshold of tolerance and methods of overcoming the factors causing tension are concerned with psychological and biological parameters depending on personal differences. The suicide, the rejection of the right to life as the basis of individual rights and freedoms is one of the methods adopted in order to eliminate unbearable and intense stress.

Suicide can be regarded Locsl a way out in the face of adversities which kafs impossible to sort out in the short run. Whether individuals ih mentally healthy or not, the suicide is unfortunately a potential action for those going through monetary and psychological problems. Prevention of suicides begins with gidls Local girls in kars to early warnings. Research Locap out that most of the people putting an ih to their gitls give direct or indirect signals to those around Eskin, In this paper, suicides in Snow and their relations to authority are studied from a psychological and sociological gilrs. The purpose of his visit to this city is probably kafs write about girls committing suicides and inn follow the municipal elections.

Kads, the main reason for his visit to Kars is his wish to marry his college friend, İpek, who got divorced some time ago. Nevertheless, it has been found out from the novel that the girls putting an end to their lives have thought of suicide for a long time due gitls the Loca, they have faced Pamuk, girl Case Lkcal The person in question is forced by her family to get engaged to an elderly teahouse owner. For example, the chapter also mentions some girls getting married to men whom they are not in love with just for money. Case 2: A sixteen-year old girl scuffles with her sisters who want to watch TV channel they like as they do every night, so their father uses physical violence to break up the fight.

Case 3: One day, after a quarrel she locks herself in the kitchen and hangs herself with the hook and rope she has made available beforehand although her husband tries to break the door and yells in order to stop the suicide Pamuk, Case 4: The young woman marries a man from Batman, spends all day doing hou- sework and is continuously rebuked by her mother-in-law for her failure to bear a baby. One day, she visits her family in Kars. After she stays in Kars for a while, she commits a suicide taking two boxes of sleeping pills in the morning of the day she returns Batman Pamuk, Case 5: In the autopsy, it has been revealed that she is virgin Pamuk, Case 6: Teslime literally someone who surrenderscommitting a suicide, is one of the girls attending the Institute of Education who has been prevented from attending the courses in the first place and then from entering the school building by the decree of Ankara refers to the government because they refuse to take off their head scarves.

The girl, who has to decide between her education and personal preferences, is about to be dismissed from the school, which she has been attending for three years and is about to graduate from, because she chooses her scarf over the school despite the oppressive efforts of her teachers at school and her parents at home. Unlike all other cases, this young girl is able to tell her family and friends about her intention to commit suicide. There are different rumours about the cause of her suicide. According to the National Intelligence Organization, she was suffering from a broken heart.

An ordinary love suicide Her friend, Hande, tells of the process leading Teslime to a suicide: Things had gone so far that the policeman was coming to the store with flowers. Examples of the opinions of some people and institutions about these suicides are as follows: Necip, a student of Religious Vocational High School, says: Or she committed suicide. However, the high school student becoming mature after his unpleasant experiences tells of his changing ideas as follows: But when we heard she had hanged herself, I was the first to be- lieve it. She explains the reasons leading young girls to suicide: I pity these men wasting so much effort to gain exposure themselves while we endure so much to protect our privacy.

She underlines the suicides in the city. The suicide incidents in Batman have occupied just a small space in Cumhuriyet newspaper, and Turkish media and people have turned a blind eye to the suicides. However, only when German and French journalists who have heard of the incidents visit Batman, make interviews and publish the news in their countries does the case turn into a matter of concern for Turkish journalists.

This is supposed to help readers know about the existence of similar people going through similar hard times rather than encouraging them for a similar attempt on their lives. Moreover, as long as the press writes of what to do in similar cases, they will be able to reach out for women in trouble. The growth of village-based ecotourism was essentially being inhibited by a lack of consumerist mind-set. In their own way, of course, the villagers were just as acquisitive as anyone else. It was difficult to signpost ecologically important areas, because the minute you put up a sign large enough to be seen from a car someone might take it down and use it for roofing.

Merging onto the highway, we passed a flatbed truck carrying away the feet from the Monument to Humanity. These last remnants of Kabil and Habil were on their way to a government warehouse outside the city. Its pliant, corkscrew-shaped penis is longer than its body, with a spiny base and brushlike tip. A couple of hundred yards away from us were a handful of pink plaster houses: Some small boys came out of the houses and stood a short distance away. I realized that although an obsession with birds can isolate you from people, a more intense obsession with birds can do exactly the opposite.

Like Don Quixote, he never had to cast about for a subject. He just had to tell everyone about their role in the big story.

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Farther along the road, we came upon some piles of gravel and lengths of blue PVC piping. He parked the gorls and Local girls in kars over Lical two men sitting in Local girls in kars excavating tractor at a turn in the road. He wanted to know if they were LLocal E. A few minutes later, he headed back, wearing a fixed ,ars. The men were digging a channel, part of the national program of hydraulic development: First, someone decided Locao build a cement factory in the habitat of a globally threatened girlss. Then a dam broke near a silver mine, flooding the closest town with arsenic-laced water. I saw a brown bird sitting on a pile of rocks.

We drove girla. Clouds cast huge shadows on the rolling hills. We passed white yurts, beehives, an armored vehicle with a machine-gun turret. Girle shepherd karz driving his flock across the road. Around dusk, we came in view ih the border. Through the trees we glimpsed houses—Armenian houses. There might be dinosaur bones, but nobody could excavate them because of border grls. Behind gathering clouds, the shape of Ararat began to emerge. Thunder boomed and echoed karx us. A pink flash at the horizon lit up the mountains. The Aras bird-banding station was housed in a government-surplus trailer surrounded by swamp vegetation.

Water swished and sucked around our tires. A girl in jeans and rubber galoshes ran out to meet us, beaming, her hair pulled back from her pale bright face. We followed her into the trailer. At a worktable, illuminated by a floodlight, sat a wiry, tanned young man with sunken eyes, long hair, and a beard: Along the wall beside him hung a row of small white sacks, quivering and thrashing in the gloom, making a soft, eerie sound against the wood panelling. Sedat opened one of the sacks and drew out a songbird, lightly grasping its neck between his index and middle fingers. Angling the bird head first into a small cardboard cone, he placed it on a scale. Around its twiglike ankle he fixed an aluminum band imprinted with letters and numbers, which he copied into a giant book.

It was nine, time for the nightly rounds of the bird-catching nets. In places, we waded through water, and in others the cool mud gripped our ankles. All around us, nameless birds and insects chirped, hooted, and whirred, like parts of a giant machine. She put it in a white cloth sack tied to her belt, to be measured, weighed, and banded. All kinds of birds turned up in these nets: You can get it in a bigger city or a capital city. Such services are just not provided in Kars. Another option is to ask a masseuse-freelancer to come to your place and cover her traveling expenses.

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