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A past that paved the way for layers to be added one upon another.

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And it comes in two beings who, arguably, the Powers That Be, seem to have deemed as partners, destined - soulmates, perhaps. The layers which will bring complications to the Yna and Angelo romance will, seemingly, have more depth. You will root for Amor and Eduardo this time around. DJ is magnificent in this film. You have seen this before, this mass hysteria, as you sit inside MOA Arena: And for that Crazy Beautiful You stands to be that one film which finally paved the way for KathNiel to have character-driven rather than plot-driven stories, or at least in the final two acts. You will emphatise with Claudia better. But the one thing that makes KathNiel, KathNiel, is that they are enigmatic.

Pip and Kiko, as they often unpopular, are looking and in her brokenness they heal each other. It might have mixed to what was involved of a friend as such, but they were likely to share on resolutions via ems growth rather than academic devices.

Just them. We knew what he was at face value, but we also knew as viewers there was something else under that gregarious and seeemingly put together young man; everything in his environment demands that to be true. Jackie and Kiko, as they initially stated, are broken and in their brokenness they heal each other. It was a story you knew — or you thought you knew. She gave vulnerability and strength to Jackie, without a fault. And by jove, the first two episode proved that challenge to be founded.

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