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8009 was odd because this pest was csual known across the region as a minor pest yet here it was destroying crops. Researchers concluded that while there were no morphological differences, there were sufficient molecular and biological differences to indicate that the outbreak pest was a different species [6]. This touched off a debate that has continued until today [7] — [10]. Species names are a tool for communicating our knowledge of species diversity and should make communication easier and clearer [11].

Nomina dubia, names of doubtful or unknown application as defined by the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature ICZN,are problematic and hinder the communication of knowledge. These names arise when species are casuql based on a 808809 number of specimens that are either entirely destroyed, uninformative daging lost, and have original descriptions that are largely incomplete and do not provide characters needed for identification [12]. To avoid nomina dubia, the integrative taxonomy approach utilizes multiple lines of evidence to assist species delimitation and has been promoted as a solution [13].

The integrative taxonomic approach undertaken by the B. This evidence is summarized in [4] and draws upon a range of molecular, biological and behavioral data, all of which supports the conclusion that B. However, before initiating a taxonomic revision, extreme care needs to be taken so as to avoid further inaccurate species identifications [14][15] and in the case of B. The debate over B.

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A review of the subject again came to no adting [3]. Whether B. Ten percent of all known plant pathogenic viruses are transmitted by B. The key staple crops cacsade and sweetpotato are severely damaged by the viruses transmitted by this vector compounding the problem facing the achievement of food self-sufficiency across Africa, Asia and Central and South America [20]. Major cash crops in developing countries such as cotton, chilli and tomato are also devastated adding considerably to the financial burden borne by poor smallholder farmers xasual Africa, Asia and Central and South Americas as they borrow money to plant crops that are then subsequently wiped out [21][22].

The answer as to whether we are dealing with a single vector species or complex of related, but different species will have a significant bearing on the applicability and transferability of management practices between regions where the pest occurs. These practices usually depend on insect biology, behavior, natural enemy interactions and responses to agricultural chemicals; what works for one may be ineffective for another [23]. The taxonomic identity of B. Whitefly taxonomy relies primarily on morphological characters of the fourth instar [24]. However, the morphology of the fourth instar in the case of B. This meant that many of the morphological features used for identification of B.

This has no doubt contributed to the serial redescriptions and may well have been exacerbated by geographic isolation between the different taxonomists of the time, resulting in a lack of information exchange and the consequential assignment of multiple names to a globally distributed insect.

As a result, between and19 species of whiteflies were synonymised with B. Sincethe body of knowledge surrounding this pest has grown to a point that in there was sufficient molecular data based on mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I mtCOI to enable a compelling argument to be raised in support of the species complex argument [26]. This was later supported by a further study that applied a wider range of species delimitation metrics [11]. Using these metrics, it was proposed that rather than one species, B. To date 34 species have been delimited using these metrics [4][27][28].

Its motto is "Our house is your house," and the servers do everything possible to make the bar's patrons feel like part of the family. This local watering hole is known for its live music, pub food, and trivia nights. Its small stage has also seen more than a few memorable karaoke performances.

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The bar's kitchen makes all its sauces in-house, so every plate of wings and loaded fries has that personal touch. Every time you dine at Public House, you'll feel right at home. The hookah bar's chill atmosphere welcomes anyone over 18 years old, and its high-tech tobacco supplies satisfy hookah enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Singles can gather around a cascare table jn make new friends, or they can join a rowdy audience Fdee the state-of-the-art movie dxting. SinceHooked on Hookah has delighted casuzl with its smooth and delicious hookahs, and its award-winning bar continues to create signature mixes to surprise dahing regular customers.

Acsual charming late-night spot is a favorite of local foodies, who adore its bacon-cheddar mashed potatoes and bacon-wrapped rabbit meatloaf. The menu has much more than just rabbit food — its American cuisine hits all the right notes and offers indulgent, one-of-a-kind treats to lucky patrons. The romantic yet quirky setting is great for daters looking to enjoy themselves in Colorado Springs. From the moment you step inside and see multi-colored umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, Swirl seduces your senses and captures your imagination with its unique atmosphere and menu. Wine lovers can spend hours drinking and nibbling on small plates on the outdoor patio.

Whether you're snuggling up to someone by the fire pit or clinking glasses with someone at the bar, you're sure to have a great time mingling at this upscale yet down-to-earth wine bar. Oftentimes singles with full-time jobs and adult responsibilities are eager to skip the time-consuming getting-to-know-you part of a first date and focus on date prospects that have a chance of becoming something serious. Speed dating allows singles to cut to the chase and date more efficiently by establishing chemistry on dozens of mini-dates. These events are all about putting yourself out there and meeting someone special, and many participants go in with an upbeat and friendly attitude. Pikes Peak Dating hosts some of the most popular singles events in Colorado Springs.

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