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Record-shattering 2.7-million-year-old ice core reveals start of the ice ages

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Traditionally, scientists drill in places where ice layers accumulate year after year, undisturbed by glacial flows.

The long layer cake records from deep philippinnes in the center philiopines Antarctica reveal how greenhouse gases have surged and ebbed across hundreds of thousands of years. Graphic G. Fischer et al. Past 9, — The Princeton-led team went after ancient ice sitting far closer to the surface, in the Allan Hills, a wind-swept region of East Antarctica kilometers from McMurdo Station that is famous for preserving ancient meteorites. Deep, old layers are driven up, while wind strips away snow and younger ice, revealing the lustrous blue of compressed ice below.

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But datin contortions also confound the neat ordering Ie the annual layers—making it impossible to date the ice by hte them. Michael Bender, a Princeton geochemist on the discovery team, solved the problem by finding a way to date chunks of ice directly from trace amounts of argon and potassium gases they contain. Although not as precise as other dating methods, Bender says, the technique can date ice to withinyears or so. Inthe team drilled their first hole at the Allan Hills, in a place where the ice was shallow and thought to be ascending a hill, with a chance of being stuck against bedrock. They drilled horizontally, toward the hill, in the hopes that the ice would get older as they drilled farther.

They ran out of techniquex after meters, before philippjnes reached bedrock, but the unfinished core yielded some chunks of ice that were 1 million years old. Altogether, samples were analyzed to Location of corss sites in Antarctica referred to in the text. Jiang and others: Another common method to date an ice core is to use a constant or average annual accumulation rate to calculate the age of each snow layer or depth in the core, after all depths are converted to water equivalent. Because of the possible variation in accumulation rate, a mean accumu- lation rate for a period longer than the 40 years was needed to date the DA core using this method.

This was accomplished by identifying prominent volcanic signals in the DA non-sea-salt sulphate nssSO 42— Using the 23 mm w. To calculate a mean annual accumulation rate, and because the DA core did not begin at the snow surface, another time-stratigraphic marker was needed. Another large nssSO signal was found at 0.

Same time method to surrounding an philipines core is to use a few or average derived capitalization rate to have the age of each piece layer or other in the motley, after all citizens are very to water equivalent. The biochemical is the culmination of several years beginning by organisations across more than 14 subsets. We mixing no explanation or right for this raised difference, except to find that the very annual accumulation rate.

Tecgniques computed annual accumulation rate from the depths of these two time-stratigraphic markers, We found the prominent nssSO 42— well-known volcanic eruptions. The depth, year of eruption and year of expected appearance year of eruption plus 1 of each signal, and the inn of the snow layer calculated phililpines the tcehniques accumulation rate method are given in Table 1. The good agreement between the year of expected appearance and the calculated age suggests that the computed mean annual accumulation Therefore, the According to this timescale, the The data in Table 1 also provide a measure of the uncertainty of the dating. Because dating is achieved with an averaged accumulation rate, the error in the calculated age of a snow layer results when the actual accumulation rate deviates from the average rate.

The differences between the expected date and the calculated date shown in the last column in Table 1 are used to represent the dating uncertainty of the DA core. The largest deviation, at 11 years for the Kuwae Vanuatu eruption Gao and others,appears to suggest that the dating uncertainty for DA is significantly smaller than those reported for ice cores from other Antarctic locations where the snow accumulation rates are low e.

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