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What is your wbo relationship like? Questions to Ask a Guy on a Date About His Goals We all want a partner who has goals and constantly works toward bettering themselves well, I do, anyway.

You want a man who thinks about the future and makes an effort to achieve his dreams. Sounds pretty good to me. Where do you see yourself in five years? You want some sense that he has direction and purpose in his life. This is another tricky area to tackle when asking a guy about himself. Some guys are happy to talk about what they do and even their financial situation, while others are squirrelly about it. Typically doctors, lawyers, firemen, whatever, are happy to tell you what they do! Asking him how much he makes may be over the top. Are you saving up for anything special, like a house or major trip? Do you like what you do?

What does a typical day at work look like? Are you a spender or saver? A Great Conversation Requires a Great Listener With all these questions to ask a guy on a date, you should be covered for topics for your first five dates or more! The idea is that as you ask questions and he answers them and asks his own in returnyou start to know each other better and build a foundation to grow from. But as important as the questions you ask is how well you listen. According to Amy Torres, a psychotherapist, there is a difference between hearing and listening: Listening is being receptive to your own inner wisdom, while emotionally attuned to the other person.

Repeat what he says from time to time, and ask followup questions: Where were you born? I was born in Detroit, but my family moved to Scranton a few months later. So I grew up in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, huh? Really beautiful, actually. Especially in winter. I loved skiing as a kid. Were you any good? Do you still ski? The problem arises when women drive too hard at this goal, peppering their date with questions as if they were FBI interrogators. Not that I would know anything about that. Reciprocity is key to building relationships.

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So both people need to be revealing information and asking questions in roughly equal measure in order to build strong connections, Azk says. Another crucial point is that the quality of questions can be far more important than the quantity. Even if both conversation partners Daitng asking questions, some types of inquiries are better at fostering qestions connections than others. This sounds simple enough. Datihg all, curiosity is at questinos heart of what it means to be human. ,en are a few rules of mrn, as recommended by the experts. Datint the fact that she had brought up such a sensitive subject probably meant that she wanted the group to make further inquiries.

Bookworms will naturally Datkng to know what their dates have been reading lately. Political junkies will be curious about what their potential romantic partners think about the Republican primaries. Pinterest This is definitely something that a lot of people, both male, and female, struggle with these days. With the advent of smartphones and gadgets, people can be glued to their phones on the first date. But that's not the only way they can "zone out" on a date. They might just have their minds elsewhere, and that's something some guys really want to find out right away. This is the type of question that you don't really have to ask, but you can definitely see.

And you can bet that some guys are asking themselves this question when on first dates. I mean that in the philosophical sense. I hate when I'm on a date with a woman I don't know well and she isn't present Usually, it's just her own stuff; thinking about work stuff, or maybe her hot water heater broke, or her dog got skunked and she still can't get the smell out 3 days later. Whatever the case is, please let me know your 'aloofness' is not about me. Or just reschedule the date, it's cool. It could serve as a bit of a wake-up call — and it means that he wants to enjoy the date and actually make an effort with him, instead of zoning out or being on your phone.

There's nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments, but after a while, it just gets annoying hearing how great you are Tell me a story about a time where some random baby vomited on your pant-suit in an elevator on your way to a job interview, those are the best first-date stories. Before we know it, we're rambling on about money, cars and our careers without realizing we're coming across like a total braggart. Again, this is something that guys might not have the courage to ask, but you can bet that sometimes they're very close to asking it.

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They're not the sort of questions that are easy to ask, but if guys find the courage to ask them, then they might just learn more about the girl they're trying to get to know. Phrased it slightly differently and more casually, asking if she'd been in any serious relationships before, what she was looking forward to about potentially starting one and what her fears questioons be She asked me what my fears were and from there we had questioms pretty serious discussion about what we want from this relationship. Moved in with each other after 2 weeks of dating. Only questlons 5 months so I can't boast about beating the odds or anything. But I feel like we're on track to handle this like mature adults who can communicate their feelings and avoid any major heartache no matter menn the outcome.

Then he asked about what she was looking forward to in life, which is a great way to learn about a girl's passions. Finally, he asked about her fears, which again can be potentially awkward but a great way to really get to know someone deep down. And if you value physical intimacy in a relationship, it's probably a good idea to find out if the person you're trying to get to know feels the same way. I prefer to be shown affection physically — touches, back rubs, laying down playing with her hair or rubbing her back, her hand lightly scratching my chest If physical touch isn't her love language then we just won't do well.

Know from experience. This makes a lot of sense, but then again it can be pretty weird when a guy asks you whether you like all of the things he listed. This can be pretty intimate and personal information to ask about, especially on a first date. So how would you react to this line of questioning from a guy you barely know? Would you let him in on your secret desires, or would you end the date right then and there? I needed that time to figure myself out, but I'm ready to meet some people now. I'm really afraid of what a girl will think of me when I tell them that I've only been intimate twice, both times with a girl that had about as much enthusiasm and emotion as a meatloaf I love communication and I feel like I'd be a good lover, but I can't say that since I'm so inexperienced.

I'm scared that a girl might think less of me or think I'm weird. It's been really hard to get over this feeling.

Still, it's a line of questioning that could be potentially awkward. He claims that women always ask him about his income, his career and so on, but when he turns those same questions on them, he doesn't really get the answers he's looking for. Women straight up ask my net worth, yearly income, my job, career goals, but I am not allowed to ask women the same. I know, because I've tried it on several females before, even if just in response to their financial questions, it gets guarded answers at best.

How would you react if a guy started asking you about your yearly income, your career, and the general state of your finances? Would you be open about it, or would you think those questions are inappropriate when getting to know someone? People probably have very different opinions about this, but what's clear is that this guy, in particular, would love to be able to ask these questions and get honest answers from the women he dates. Pinterest Wow, now this is a conversations starter. We're sure that a lot of girls out there have some secrets in their past, and talking about them as long as they're relatively innocent and funny might be a great way to get to know someone.

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