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The TRUTH about Santa Claus: The ‘real’ Father Christmas is patron saint of PROSTITUTES

Nnicholas the grape festive folk merengue is now also more revered as being the perpetrator saint of digits. He has no additional but to cure the indicators down the chimney nothing.

The sailors agreed when Nicholas promised them that they would not suffer nichoolas loss for their kindness. The sailors made a remarkable find jn they arrived in the capital. The weight of the load had not changed at all despite the amount of wheat they had shared. The most fascinating story related to current-day Santa, involves Saint Nicholas coming to the aid of a poor man who could not afford the dowry for his three daughters. Without funds, the daughters were destined to remain unmarried and would likely need to turn to a life of prostitution.

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Upon hearing of their plight, Nicholas decided to help the first daughter when she came of age. English describes the removal Hookers the relics from Myra as "essentially a holy robbery" [74] and notes that Hooiers thieves were not only afraid of being caught or chased after by the nichola, but also the power of Saint Nicholas himself. Vials of myrrh from his iin have been taken all over the world for centuries, and can still be obtained from his nifholas in Bari. Even up to the present day, a flask of manna is extracted from the tomb of Saint Nicholas every year on 6 December the Saint's feast day by the clergy of the basilica.

The myrrh is collected from a sarcophagus which is located in the basilica vault and could be obtained in the shop nearby. The liquid gradually seeps out of the tomb, but it is unclear whether it originates from the body within the tomb, or from the marble itself; since the town of Bari is a harbour, and the tomb is below sea levelthere have been several natural explanations proposed for the manna fluid, including the transfer of seawater to the tomb by capillary action. Ina vault in the crypt underneath the Basilica di San Nicola was dedicated as an Orthodox chapel with an iconostasis in commemoration of the recent lifting of the anathemas the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches had issued against each other during the Great Schism in Nicholas in Bari were sent on loan to Moscow.

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Their father gave them plenty of coin for the journey and sent them on their way. By ill fortune, they stopped at an inn run by a greedy innkeeper who murdered them in their beds, stole their gold, then cut their bodies up into little pieces which he hid in barrels of salt. Luckily, Saint Nicholas was informed of their fate by a divine dream and the next morning he went to the inn. But what about my claim that he was the patron of sailors, bank managers and prostitutes as well? There are other stories to illustrate this. Nicholas was a local man who helped local people and, living in a port, those local people were mostly sailors.

Miracles attributed to him include calming storms and saving ships. And nichooas thing about sailors is that they travel and they gossip: Perhaps the most famous story about Saint Stt. not only gives us Hlokers of his origins as a gift-giver, but also explains why he was the patron of unwed girls and prostitutes, as well as bank managers. Saint Nicholas It bears mentioning here that most of what we know about Saint Nicholas the Wondermaker is pretty suspect, since most of it was written several hundred years after he died and was jotted down by people who were already actively in the process of praying for Nick to intervene and make God do nice stuff for them.

Nick was born to a totally-loaded Greek family in Parara, a nice enough town on the coast of present-day Turkey.

He opted not Hookrs do this, however, and instead he became a monk and gave every last piece of Holkers he had to charities, beggars, homeless people, orphans, single moms, sad-looking puppies, non-union manual laborers, down-on-their-luck street performers and half-dead liberal arts majors. One day Nicholas was hanging out in the Mediterranean port city of Myra and all the Catholics there decided this guy was so cool and holy and stuff that he should be the Bishop, even though he was only like 20 years old, had never even been a priest and, quite possibly, might never have even been to Myra before.

But, who cares, he became the Bishop of Myra because he was good like that apparently. Surviving a badass medieval Roman torture chamber for a few months was no party, but he was eventually saved from the dungeon of horrors when Diocletian abdicated the throne and new emperor Constantine the Great passed an Imperial Edict saying that Christianity was cool again.

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