What watch do the navy seals wear. luminox navy seal colormark 3050 series watch review

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Top 5 Best Luminox Watches Made For Perfect Visibility

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Prior to launching a mission, a Navy SEAL is submerged in the water, sometimes at depths of up to metres, and accurate timekeeping can be a matter of life and death in such pitch dark situations in the water Special gear is therefore needed for survival. Super-Luminova "captures" light from an outside light source to glow in the dark and its brightness depends on the time, intensity and colour of the light that it was exposed to before.

Watch review seal seals series do 3050 the wear. colormark navy watch navy luminox What

Tritium tubes for continuous illumination appear in orange color on 12 hours mark and the hours dl green color. With the use of both LLT and Super-Luminova, the two most cutting-edge luminous technologies in the international watch industry, Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark Nova watches will be exceptionally bright in the dark immediately upon exposure to a bright light source. One thing for sure, one of the men who developed and designed a sturdy and dependable watch for Luminox is one of the officers in US Navy Seal, and I saw many Navy Seal member wearing it for daily use. This watch has luminous tritium features in green color on the 12 hours marker, hour and minute hand, while hours and the second hand is in ice blue color.

You can see the detailed between unit conversions on the dial.

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This model looks both stylish and rugged and suitable either in the field or in the office. I think my favorite feature about this watch besides its simple design is how easy to read in the dark. All Luminox Deep Dive series are using patent pending called Bezel Locking System to prevents the bezel from changing position. But imagine, you are out in the field, either alone or with your team mate and want to know how much time and how long it will take you to get a particular location. If you notice, this watch is one of our recommendations for one the best tactical watches.

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