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A capacity-building module is being created to train policy makers on using geospatial information for womenz making. IRENA continues to enhance the tools and applications of the Global Atlas and seeks to somens enlarging the circle of contributing partners. The report highlights the economic opportunities offered by solar and wind sector development, as well as how to measure these effects and policies to facilitate and optimize them. The report provides a state-of-the-art review of existing impact analysis on the value creation of solar and wind energy technologies by giving a synthesis of the key socioeconomic variables and the main methodologies used to assess the impact of renewable energy deployment.

It analyzes policy instruments from various policy areas that can enable the value creation of solar and wind energy and provides policy recommendations on how to best exploit value creation potential. In the area of capacity building, the Working Group completed a number of projects. The Handbook. The Toolbox.

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Future progress on the actions of the Working Group regarding the accelerated deployment of renewable energy technologies womnes on the commitment and support of as many partner countries as possible. Participation of additional partner governments in all activities of the Working Group is highly appreciated. The Working Group welcomes governments and all other stakeholders who have the willingness to contribute to its ongoing activities.

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