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A tranquil house right where ocean meets land, it is fringed with palms and boasts a pool with unadulterated views stretching out to im horizon. Take cocktails back on the terrace as the moon paints the calm water, before getting some well-earned shut-eye. There are changes in the dialects of those cooking it too. Ferries — or chartered fishing boats — depart from Punkudativu Island which is joined by bridge to the Jaffna peninsula, and it is an hour on the waves and under searing skies before keel touches shore again. Their origins can be traced to the Dutch colonists, who bred the horses for trade and who left them here when they abandoned Delft.

Stick around until the wiman goes woamn and Whisky Point comes alive as a hedonistic hot spot. Day 2 — Delft Island and Nainativu. The minute journey includes crossing the Palk Strait on the Karainagar Causeway to reach what is one of the greatest sunset spots in Asia. The waters around Trincomalee, which was used by Allied forces as a staging post during World War II, have a high concentration of blue and sperm whales while the surrounding jungles have herds of wild elephants.

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This is the long, slow, sandy exhale after the hectic schedule of Jaffna and Trinco. This Hindu temple is one of the oldest in the region, but the main draws are its two trincomaleee pools where men and women come to bathe. The break is challenging, world-famous and rarely without a constant stream of accomplished boarders attempting to master it. The waters here teem with big fish: Head first to Whisky Point which immediately reveals why this area is internationally renowned for surfing; the beach is both beautiful and jam-packed with limber bodies vying for space on the perfectly formed break that swirls around a rocky outcrop.

The difference is that they are wonderfully quiet, retaining that sense of realness and character conducive to any true travel adventure. Then head to the unmissable Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil. Thanks to a unique blend of climates, characters and cultures, visitors here can be sunbaked on a sweep of golden sand in the morning and, by afternoon, be pulling on a sweater in the mist-swirled, Scottish Highland-like peaks of Tea Country.

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