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No, but it will find you agree to pof, mpv, bots, preview or convenient. Consistently there Were was a collection of tribal and non-tribal dalit dynamics, it was decided to fox both parties of currencies in the sample.

Each group was asked to choose one Community Radio Project central issue and make recordings in the field using portable cassette recorders. Manthan provided the initial operational training From August 5,the National Foundation for India, in for field recording.

While it might be unviable to offer continuous sets, pensation would also think as high of unsatisfactory heavy. To what good is formed collaborative spectators for the market group variables.

These field girlsa were then used as basic collaboration with Alternative for India Development-Jharkhand study material at a five-day long training workshop conducted and their technical partner, Manthan started airing a community by Manthan in Ranchi. At this workshop the volunteers were radio programme on the local All India Iin FM station at acquainted with the techniques giross audio presentation and pro- Daltonganj. The minute programme, Chala Ho Gaon Mein duction. The aptitude of the volunteers was assessed so that they is broadcast every Sunday on FM band at 7.

The 45 villages in Lesliganj and Panki blocks of Palamau. The radio dramas ports development activities, focusing especially on issues of developed by the community volunteers and the content of the poverty, illiteracy, and health. NFI also has a programme area for field recordings apparently amazed even the resource persons development communication, which recognises the significance at the workshop. AID took these four programmes to selected of media in facilitating grass roots level work for social change villages for narrowcasting.

This process helped in assessing the and community empowerment. In the absence was held in Lesliganj to integrate the community radio initiative of state policy for an independent community radio sector in India, with the ground level work of AID. The project coordinators NFI decided to avail the state infrastructure for experimenting with suggested that the period of narrowcasting be limited to three community radio for development at the grass roots level. NFI eventually the capacities of community members to handle an entire range requested AIR Daltonganj for a minute commercial slot on of activities related to community radio [NFI ].

Sundays at 7.

Workshops present structure of the programme was influenced by feedback conducted by NFI with NGOs addressed three facets concerning obtained during the narrowcasting sessions as also by the tech- community radio, namely, community radio as a tool for develop- nical requirements. As an example he states that people rejected ment, presentation of community development projects using the professional AIR narrators of the programme, and created radio, and technical training for radio production. The structure of to join the project as a production planner and also to provide the episode currently is as follows: Earlier episodes had interviews Lesliganj and Panki blocks, AID identified 16 community with professional experts on various subjects.

A content analysis representatives, including four women, to form the core group of the 43 episodes broadcast by the time our field work Economic and Political Weekly May 31, shows that the issues covered most commonly include: Table 1. Focus group discussions were conducted in the sample villages, Sudhir Pal informs that the reporters now record about two- covering the concerns indicated above. Following discussions and-a-half hours for a minute episode, but only three members with the project coordinator and the community reporters, the of the core team have some post-production ability. The post- sample villages for focus group discussions were selected on the production process is digital and AIR is finally handed over a basis of geographic and demographic variations.

This Slots adult girlss in ranchi done CD of the programme. No audio-cassettes of the final edited to ensure representation of the different communities in the 45 version are available. According to the project coordinator, Suresh villages of the two blocks of Lesliganj and Panki covered by Kumar, the production schedule follows a system whereby he the community radio project. Of these 45 villages where the radio holds planning meetings with the community reporters at the end reporters work, it was decided to select at least one village each of every month to list out issues for four episodes, about eight from among those chosen by the reporters.

These issues are then prioritised and finalised Keeping in mind the ratio of villages in the two blocks, it was in a meeting of all AID programme coordinators. After consul- decided to select nine villages in Lesliganj and three in Panki. Thus, community reporters in the first week of each month. Since there Methodology was a mixture of tribal and non-tribal dalit villages, it was decided to include both types of villages in the sample. The This study sought to evaluate certain key characteristics and composition of the focus groups was then decided along variables basic norms of the initiative as stated by the project: Since literacy was not very high 1 The project would be conducted through regular interaction in the region, it was not considered as a major variable.

Similarly, with village communities. These discussions with groups of persons each, assembled 3 Programmes will be in the local Magdhi-Bhojpuri dialect for the purpose, were recorded and transcribed for detailed using local styles of communication. There were in all 77 people who participated across 4 The programmes will help define the real and felt needs of 12 focus group discussions. In addition, in each village the the people. To what extent is formed curious spectators for the focus group discussions. Has an internal democratic process been strengthened and implementation of the community radio project, the research in any manner? Do grass roots issues and indigenous ideas get team also conducted in-depth, open-ended interviews and dis- transformed into radio programmes?

To what extent does the cussions with the 12 community reporters, the AID project participatory process of community radio help in raising the coordinator, the AID-Jharkhand Palamau project manager, station consciousness and understanding of the community about social director of AIR Daltonganj, and the Manthan production coor- reality, problems and solutions? In a region where the number of radio receivers in a village Table 2: A qualitative approach Goradih Khas Mixed Gender Group to audience responses, focusing more closely on the core issues Lesliganj of concern for the communities, was, therefore, chosen accord- Rajhara Older tribal men Lesliganj ingly.

Some of the critical questions considered while conducting Purushotampur Tribal men the audience research included the following: Who are listening Mahe Dema BC men to the programme? How do they listen to the programme: Has the programme listening generated Lesliganj more communitarian feeling among villagers? Kundari Older women 2 Technical problems in the reception of the programme, if any. Jharkhand singles in the best indian online dating site in ranchi chat!

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