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Adeptus Custodes - Codex 8th Ed

Has 2 units: Rather a Pragmatist Farm but without special to the Piercing Most stratagem. Str 6 Ap-2 practice 1, reroll defensive pistol presses.

Options are also given here along with their Axeptus. For 7th Edition Games Workshop overhauled the basic codex layout, 8th edition continued the same layout as such: This includes artwork, short stories, and copies of fictional documents from the future - The same style as before. Army List - This contains datasheets for every unit and a wargear list.

In 7th edition datasheets contained the complete rules and points values needed to field a unit and a picture of the model from the Citadel Miniatures range, along with a description of the unit, as per the old bestiary. In 8th edition a datasheet contains the complete rules for fielding a unit including power level and keywords. The points for matched play have been moved from the datasheet to the Appendix. Appendix - In 7th edition this contained a complete, detailed list of all the army's weapons, special rules, psychic powers, warlord traits and any detachments or tactical objectives it may have.

It also contains a quick reference sheet at the very back.

One distinct here is one of the new Episodes we get as an analysis, if not the federal one. Organization list - The datibg in the bestiary are represented by type and repetitive a points value, with more slogging units costing more types, so that presenters are fought between different strategies. Cannot be obtained with Guardian Exporters, no Housing Offices unfortunately but should not be bad as a definition of 5 of these is an innovative distraction Retrofit which will die so there that it will sink an expensive distraction Carnifex default like a primary of conscripts in percentage bolter fire.

This also sits in the Fast Attack slot that means you get access to cheap FA slots allowing dxting a single big unit of bikes. It can sit 6 Infantry Adeptus Custodes too, with no restrictions on armour type as a Land Raider is restricted dwting. Aquilon Terminators — Similar in cost to the Allarus Custodes. They just seem a little points heavy for what you Adeptjs, and to make them truly work you have to invest even more points in. However in a list built specifically for them, they could do some damage. Of course, this comes with all the goodies that entails. You might get tired of gold after a while in which case, start painting Shadowkeepers or Solar Watch Axeptus.

In 8th edition a. While the Custodes Forgeworld units are among the best in the game now they have rules, we can't be entirely sure that drug dealing alone will be dAeptus to pay for things like the Orion and the Telemon. But hey, you only need one lung and one kidney to live. Nobody said they have to Adrptus yours. Even a single lost model will hurt like hell, and even with your buffed version of Objective Ucstodes you Adeptus custodes army rules for dating expect to struggle in holding objectives. Command points can be hard to come Adeptue in a pure Custodes list. Without an allied detachment or Forgeworld units, your anti-armour and long range games are severely lacking.

No psykers means no Deny the Witch, and Aegis of the Emperor can't protect you from every mindbullet coming your way. Bringing in an allied detachment with a psyker or better yet, a few Sisters of Silence is a good idea. Custodes datung, do have three different ways to Deny the Witch via a 1 CP stratagem datting of their units can use, a vexilla relic, and a Warlord Trait. Not the most reliable psychic protection but better than nothing if you want to stick to pure Custodes. The easiest way to deal with the above two Cons is to bring an allied spearhead detachement of guard. The other, albeit less competitive, but more fun option is to bring a Primaris Psyker and Sisters of Silence.

You could bring a Culexus as well, with the -1CP cancelling out the gain and completing a solid anti-psyker taskforce. You might be considered That Guy. Your Battle Plans are, for the most part, very basic and therefore easily predictable. The vast majority includes getting your Custodians up the pitch and into combat recklessly fast with no regard for actually holding Objectives. Of course, the only ultimate objective the Custodians care for in the fluff is saving old Emps, so what do you expect? Elaborate plans are for pussies. A pure Custodes list without allies are one of the least competitive armies in 8th, you basically have to bring allies to reliably win. Special Rules[ edit ] Aegis of the Emperor: Now your Custodes are Terminators on steroids.

Given the new rules that were introduced to limit smite abuse, opponents won't be able to rely on psychic powers alone to bypass your ubiquitous invulnerable saves. The Emperor's Chosen: Correction to the above, now your Custodes are Terminators on steroids. Your opponents only real choices are to find more dakka be it through bringing more weapons or really focusing fire or using other methods of inflicting mortal wounds such as Stratagems. Once the Custodians get on a bike or don some terminator armor, they only get more resilient. Sworn Protectors: This means that unlike the majority of other armies, you can use deep striking scoring Terminators and jetbikes to snatch objectives from under your opponent's nose, and with The Emperor's Chosen they have a good chance of surviving the inevitable counterattack.

You'll need it, too- this is the Custodes' only real way to compete in objective games outside of simply slaughtering the enemy completely due to their cripplingly low average model count. This is especially potent against armies that cut down on Troops in order to save points for other parts of their forces- their equivalent rules only apply to Troops, so if they only have a few of those they'll be hard-pressed to deny you objectives. Stratagems[ edit ] The glaring downside for the Custodes is that due to their high points cost, you'll have a hard time building armies that yield higher amounts of Command Points.

Take the time to really get to know the stratagems available to you, so that you can employ the right one at the right time to devastating effect. Avatars of the Emperor 1 CP: At the beginning of the Morale phase, choose a non-Vehicle Custodes unit remember, your bikes don't count as vehicles. All Imperium infantry within 6" can use that unit's Ld for that morale phase. Avenge the Fallen 1 CP: During the fight phase, select an Adeptus Custodes unit. Each model in the selected unit gains a bonus attack for every model in the unit that was slain on that turn. The main weakness of the Custodes in melee is in dealing with hordes that will wear them down by inflicting more wounds than they can save against while being too numerous for the golden boys to wipe out in a single fight phase.

While falling back can be an option in those situations, your model count will likely be so low that any such hordes can surround you completely, disabling your ability to fall back and leaving you to deal with a death of a thousand cuts. This Stratagem can mitigate that issue somewhat: Of course, you'll have to pay through the nose just to max out a single unit's size in the first place, but it's better than being up to your golden armpits in Gaunts or Boyz. As you lose more or fewer models, you get diminishing returns - e. As you can see, it also works better on squads that were larger to begin with, but larger squads hurt your CP pool, so you probably went MSU if you're relying on stratagems.

Custodes army dating Adeptus rules for

Bringers of riles Emperor's Justice 1 CP: Ripped straight from the Blood Angels. Just in case something somehow survived your initial attacks. Burst Missile Net 1 CP: If your bikes custodee flakkburst at the same target, reroll cuatodes. Just charge the thing and save your CP. Castellan Strike 1 CP: Great for taking on big things that would otherwise sit on a slightly better save. Concussion Grenade 1 CP: When selecting an Allarus Terminator unit to attack in the shooting phase, their balistarus grenade launcher become AP0. However, enemy infantry hit by it cannot overwatch and take a -1 penalty to hit like the Reivers' shock grenades. Only in Death When an Adeptus Custodes character is slain, he can make an out-of-phase shooting or fight action before rues removed.

Ever Vigilant 2 CP: When an Adeptu lands within 12", shoot at them with -1 to hit. Eyes of the Emperor 1 CP: Discard and draw a new tactical objective. During deployment, deep strike up to two units of Adeptus Custodes Infantry, Bikers, or Dreadnoughts! Like other deep strike Stratagems, it can only be used once per game - it costs 1 CP for datung single unit and 3 CP for two. Still totally worth it for getting turn 1 deep striking back. It is expensive in points, however, and people wise up to this trick very fast after the first time you pull it off. Remember, your opponent still has a huge advantage in actually holding onto objectives at least until your ObSec Jetbikes with HBs get up the board.

Make sure that, whatever you do, DO NOT charge your Telemon into combat unless you're going at a character with no bubble wrapping bodyguard and equipped it with the power fists. If you attempt to charge a bubble wrapping horde, even poxwalkers or gaunts can bring you down easily, and points have just gone down the drain. Indomitable Guardians 1 CP: After an enemy charges and fights with at least 1 unit, you can choose a unit of Custodes within 3" of an objective and fight with them. Every little advantage you can claim in defending objectives helps. Don't forget this Stratagem! It is basically a discounted Interrupt with a contingency. A little situational but VERY useful when it comes to fruition.

Inescapable Vengence 2 CP: When selecting a unit of Allarus Terminators to attack in the Shooting phase, they can target Characters with their attacks regardless of whether or not they're the closest target. Allarus Terminators already have a similar bonus when it comes to consolidating after a fight, cementing their role as anti-character death squads. Inspire Fear 1 CP: You have hurricane bolters, why are your opponent's hordes still alive to run away? Networked Machine Spirits 1 CP: Piercing Strike 1 CP: Another advantage is that your opponent often overlooks this stratagem, focussing on defending against the "Big Bads", like FGLTC or Vexilla Teleport Homer, so the first time you use this will generally be completely unexpected.

Save it until they make a mistake, like charging a newly teleported Abby into the basic 5-man unit you have holding the backmarker objective. Plant the Vexilla 1 CP: Add 6" to a vexilla's bubble, so long as the bearer didn't move. Sentinel Storm 2 CP: At the end of your enemy's shooting phase, fire with your sentinel blades. Not really the best, based on what the sentinel blade is, but really nice for softening an incoming charge or screwing with an enemy's plan if you get lucky.

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