Home made male chastity

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the simplest and most comfortable homemade chastity device

I do not option how uncomfortable this site when I am chastify some other severe bursa of punishment. The rape is very successful and I have been rising it on and off for over time years now. Feedbacks are useful Anne-Lore Corner:.

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I have tried many things and one that I am using now is an metal cup that has been modified to make it comfortable to wear for long times yet if you get chastiyy it causes mde discomfort. The cup chastuty a metal cup that is about three inches in diameter and about two inches deep. I have take a piece of split foam pipe insulation and put the split over the edge of the cup. I used electric tape around the foam on the outside this provides a wide comfortable area contact the skin. Now if I may digress to tell you about a material that I have found to be very useful for many devices and that is a rubber welcome mat cut to various shapes.

I will do a future post on this.

I cut a round piece to put in the bottom of the cup with the points facing up. I cut strip the size of the circumference of the cup as wide as the space remaining between the bottom of the cup and the edge of the pipe insulation and insert this with the points toward the inside of the cup. I insert the penis and the testicles inside of the cup and secure it in place with a triangle leather pad that is attached to the belt and the Straps that run around the back of the legs attach to the point of the triangle. This is very effective. It is uncomfortable if you get hard and it is comfortable for extended regular wear. The only problem is the small bulge when you where street cloths.

I do not wear this out much anyway.

Male chastity made Home

I have another device that is very effective in preventing orgasm that I use for punishment only as it is very painful. I secure this on with a long strip of cloth. With the belt harness in place this is This is quite intense and I am very careful about rubbing or applying pressure to my cock much less trying to orgasm. It's mounted between the ring-part and the cage. The hole is just big enough to PULL a flaccid penis through, but when everything is locked, you'd have to PUSH it through, but it's just too small do be able to do that. So even when you were able to pull out, you'll never get it in again! I first made this part with a circular hole, I learned that peeing wasn't possible then.

With this shape that's no problem. The 2 small bolts function only to keep everything tightly together, but removing the nuts while the lock is in place, doesn't allow removal of the cage. And this picture shows the second model: It wasn't quite ready when I made the picture. Leave one inch at your groin to prevent that it slips through the ring.

With some tests you can figure out the optimal length of the nylon. I couldn't make a picture but I think it's quite clear. Here is a similar picture though http: Instead of a penis ring we use a shoelace. Instead of a tube we use a nylon that we drive through the "penis ring" at the top and at the bottom. Since it has no solid parts, it's much more comfortable than my CB

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