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Borgen creator Adam Price on what's next for Birgitte Nyborg in the show's third and final series

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Instead of being dragged through dnmark mud for policies you don't believe in, nybodg up — and if you fall, at least fall with some pride. It's very basic and very human. Dting when Birgitte returns to Copenhagen to relaunch her political career, she isn't frew a megalomaniac, trying to reascend the greasy poll? I definitely want you to believe there is a shred of idealism in Birgitte Nyborg that is real. She's also become a very professional political being, but there is definitely that idealism, and that's important. The question the writers asked ourselves at the outset of series three was: There are now two women writing for the show, too, but hopefully it's no less feminist than it was!

We're still trying to dramatise the personal and the political — whether that be Katrine now as a single mother trying to establish herself as press secretary for Birgitte's new party, or Birgitte trying to balance family life and a new romance with the demands of setting up a new political party. I don't have special insight into these women characters but I do know that their problems make for great drama. Birgitte returns to Danish politics because she's disgusted that Jacob Kruse, the new leader of her old party the Moderates is backing the tightening of immigration rules.

Why did you make that the issue that tempts her back? The party we based the Moderates on is called the Radical Left, even though they're not especially radical or left wing. They have a core belief in shared humanity and that we should welcome strangers. So when Birgitte sees her party changing its immigration stance and abandoning that belief in welcoming foreigners, that fires her up and makes her want to return to politics. And that's what happens. She tries to take over her old party? And she fails. So she sets up her own party, which, in Denmark, is a possibility.

Is it a possibility to get votes for it though? It is. One of the great stories of modern Danish politics took place six years ago when we saw the appearance of a new political party. Three politicians got tired of their old parties and created a new one.

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It got tremendous interest and the press was all over cating. So you're showing a new nybor born in an 1000 of cynicism? And then we show what it is to make politics, which is something you sires never do. There's that great quote from The West Wing where Leo says: What's our policy on immigration, on prostitution, on pig farming? Nhborg want immigrant candidates, but can we have one with a veil and still win seats? Probably not. One with a tattoo and a past in gangs? Denark on - pig farming? That was the hottest issue for us in making series three. We did a show about legalising prostitution, but it was the pork issue that drove Danes crazy.

A lot of Danish pig farmers thought we were being overly critical around production of Danish pork. They were worried that we would be tampering with that big income for pork production. I was dragged around the Danish media for being the person who wanted to destroy Danish pig production. I don't. I just want it to be more conscientious. Does Borgen get a lot of stick in Denmark? We've been criticised a lot from the extreme right of Danish politics. Driving[ edit ] When entering Denmark by motor vehicle, you'll be met by a sign like this, with simple instructions, at the border. Speeding occurs frequently, especially on motorways, though recent years dedicated effort by the Danish police on speeding, has made more people aware of speed limits.

Driving across the over-sea bridges can subject your car to very strong gusts of wind, and when overtaking lorries or close to bridge support columns the suddenly changing strength of the crosswinds should be anticipated. You may need to steer reactively and precisely to stay in your lane.

Wearing seatbelts in cars datng vans is compulsory if fittedand children under cm and or under 3 years of age, must use approved safety seating devices adapted to their height and weight. Headlights must be switched on when driving at all times and dipped during sun hoursregardless of weather conditions or whether sited is a night or day, so switch them on. If your car has the new Daytime Running Lights, which are small but bright lights on the front only, that are different from headlights, these are enough until twilight.

But turn on your headlights in fog or rain, and know that DRLs only light the front. Drivers and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds must all wear ECE Though required under law, little use is made of indicators on roundabouts, so generally if the car isn't indicating it is leaving the roundabout, give way as it is invariable going round. When changing lane on motorways use of turn signals prior to- and during overtaking is mandatory. On open roads, especially those with an accompanying cycle path, expect drivers turning right to come to almost a dead stop, which they check to see they are not cutting up a cyclist, even if there is no way even an Olympic cyclist could appear from nowhere on an entirely cycle free horizon.

Denmark allows drivers to have 0.

Watch out for the bicycles in the cities, especially when turning across bicycle lanes, the bicycles always have right of way. Special care should be taken at Roundabouts!. Cyclists in general seem suicidal to drivers from other countries, as they will not look, or slow down if turning onto the road in front of you. After sun hours, lights on bikes seem to be voluntary - especially in the bigger cities - even though it is in fact compulsory. You must always carry your driving licence, vehicle registration document, and certificate of motor insurance in the 100 free denmark dating sites nyborg.

It is compulsory to have a Warning triangle in the car, and to use it if you experience breakdowns on highways or on regular roads where you are not able to move your car out of the way. Parking[ edit ] Parking disc set for Congestion in and around the major cities, especially during rush hours can be a trial for some people. If you are in your own car, it is wise to park it in a convenient central place and walk or use public transport, bike or taxi to get around the big cities. Some places require a parking ticket from a nearby parking ticket vending machine to be placed in the car, in the lower right corner of the dash-board, readable from outside the car. Some more modern parking ticket systems allow the purchase of parking tickets using text-messages from cell-phones, though this can be a very expensive affair from foreign numbers.

The majority of the parking ticket vending machines, accepts international credit and debit cards, however this is still a large quantity that only accepts Danish national credit cards or coins. Note that in some areas - especially in the Copenhagen area - have multiple vending machines with different parking coverage. In this case the coverage is indicated with a map on left or right side of the machine. Be sure to check that the machine you purchase a ticket from, actually covers the area you have parked. Hiring a car[ edit ] Though hiring a car in Denmark is a relatively expensive way to explore Denmark, it is convenient, efficient and particularly useful if you intend to visit more remote areas, where train and bus services may be less frequent.

Prices starts a approx. It is not uncommon for car hire firms to require drivers to be at least of 21 years of age and request that payment be done with an international credit card. Be aware that Scandinavia is no exception to the widespread European scam of adding hidden charges to your car rental bill, and not including services like auto assistance. Carefully read the rental agreement before you accept your car. If possible renting a car in Sweden just across the Sound from Copenhagen and Elsinore or Germany just south of the border in Jutland can be an economically sound move. Car rentals in Sweden and Germany are less than half the price of Danish rentals and mostly comes with free mileage.

Remember to check with the company to see if you're allowed to drive in Denmark and what auto assistance is included. Auto assistance[ edit ] If you need auto assistance, you should generally enquire with your insurance company, as they will usually have made arrangements with a local company. Drivers are used to bikes everywhere, and all major cities have dedicated, kerbed bike lanes along the main streets. Denmark is quite flat, but can be windy, cold or wet on a bike. Bikes are generally allowed on trains separate ticket sometimes needed.

Note that biking on the expressways Da: Official marked routes across the country can be found in the guides on this page:

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