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Show me a well-drawn, realistic, and believable romance 2. Show me that there is karinoo beyond this relationship beyond that of lust and insta-love 3. Show me that there is actual love involved beyond the superficial hengzt. Show me why I should condone these two This book did none of the above. It did nothing to convince me that, outside of the fairy-tale fantasy of a book, that this relationship could have existed. It hegnst not realistic. I wanted this book to be believable, is that too much to ask? The Setup: Unrealistic and improbable.

Vera is a year old college astronomy student. She is in Spain, she is enrolled to work as an English speaker for a program that will immerse native Spanish speakers with English for several weeks. She doesn't speak a word of Spanish, and therefore runs late to the bus. When she gets to the bus, there is only one seat available. The one next to darkly handsome, world-famous Mateo Casellas. Ok, some problems with that. Why the fuck is Mateo in this school in the first place? He speaks fluent Spanish, as Vera points out herself. He wants to learn to speak better English because people look down on businessmen who can't speak English well. Ok, understandable, BUT there are some more problems with that.

Granted, we can't see the accent within the page, but Mateo speaks almost flawless English. My English is pretty damn perfect, and there are but few flaws in the way Mateo speaks within the book. He lacks some pop culture words, some slangs, but otherwise, his English is wonderful. As for slangs, well, shit, a book could take care of that, don't you think? It would certainly waste less time.

His wife speaks fluent English. Why not get her help?! The thing about this book, is hengs in a realistic world, Mateo and Vera wouldn't have met in the first place, because Mateo has no need of Vera's English skilllllz! Love was scarier than deep space. Could have fooled me.

A walking cliche. A clinical psychologist's dream patient, because man, is there a lot to psychoanalyze here. Troubled childhood doesn't even begin to describe it. Vera has been doing drugs since she was barely in high school. She sleeps around, she doesn't really care about her family besides her brother, she doesn't care about anyone, or anything The thing with Vera is she's had a string of really, really incompetent boyfriends and easy lays, none of whom ever sees beyond the superficial, none of whom ever cared about her. She's only ever had really, really stupid boys. He gets her to talk about herself, her wishes, her dreams.

Vera Der hengst karino online dating an astronomy student. Mateo starts nicknaming her "Estrella," meaning "Star" in Spanish. She thinks it's the most wonderfully romantic thing EVER. What a disappointment. I wanted Vera to be harder to seduce. You are terribly beautiful, Vera. So beautiful that it hurts. You would outshine her like the star you are. One who knows just what to say, what buttons to push, in order to seduce a girl. Especially one so obviously broken and damaged as the tattooed, tough, blunt, hard-spoken Vera. In this fairy-tale world, he falls in love, improbably so, I feel. In the real world, this could have ended in Vera's broken heart. Of course, the book is set up so that Mateo falls madly in love for Vera, but were it not for the book's very obvious setup of that scenario, I would not have believed it.

Mateo's romantic words to Vera are lovely, exquisite, and ever-so-rehearsed. They are lines from a romance novel, a movie, the sort that Nicholas Sparks would have been proud to author. They are too smooth, they are too much, they are completely unbelievable His words smashed into me, blowing me to smithereens. He cupped my face in his hands. And all you had to do was shine. Mateo's lines are that of an experienced seducer, one who, for all we know, could have come to the school every few months to have an affair alone. God knows it's commonly done here, since others in the group have obviously confessed to having love affairs in this "school. The Affair: Is this inappropriate? I wanted a slow introduction, I wanted more depth than just insta-love and insta-lust.

He doesn't. I lift my room adamantly. A trust psychologist's jumbo dominant, because man, is there a lot to psychoanalyze here.

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