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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Location Review

I peaked what to do. I regulate laughed. In my password, Latina girls have the largest pussies and they are the most realistic in the bedroom.

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I was a bit nervous, as you never know what Dominican girls will look like from online dating. That hideous thing kept walking right by me. Gracias Dios! Just then I glanced to the left and saw her. Got damnnnn! Miss thickness was certainly the definition of thick — curves in all the right places. Instantly I felt something move in my pants. As she greeted me, I remember thinking this is exactly why I came here. We got in my taxi and headed back to my apartment. My Spanish was non-existent. She just kept smiling at me with her mouth full of braces and laughing at my horrid Spanish attempts.

I was about to destroy that big, fat ass when we got back to my apartment. And trust me — Dominican girls might be crazy, but they do have datttt ass. Once inside my crib, I gave her a quick tour and a glass of water. She just kept staring at me and giggling. We sat down on my couch and continued attempting to converse. I knew what to do. I slowly leaned over as she was giggling and made my move. She moaned enthusiastically as we kissed. My hands started to explore her thick Dominican body, as my dick began to burst through my jeans.

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I girlls ripping off her clothing sznto on my couch before I picked her up and carried her to my bed. There grls absolutely no resistance. She had came to the capital to get fucked. Sober and raw dominngo I exploded all over her big tits after around two minutes in missionary. She just continued smiling and giggling. I tried to ask her if she wanted Hormy to get a towel for the cum covering her tits, but she seemed to be wearing my Horny girls in santo domingo like ssnto type Hrony trophy. Whatever works for you, mi amor. Miss thickness eventually went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit. Sznto she walked, I got girlz glimpse of her juicy ass for the first time.

She was going to have to clean herself up again. I need that ass in doggy ASAP. When she came back to the bed, I was already up for round two and there was no resistance. She got on top of me and rode my dick like a champ. Then she turned it around on me and threw that ass back in reverse cowgirl. My sexual fantasies were being fulfilled. I picked her up and slammed her back against the wall while I fucked her standing up. Then I threw her back on the bed and propped her ass up in the air. As I got behind that ass, I had a huge smile on my face.

I plunge deep into that pussy from the back before I pulled out and finished all over her back and ass hole. She was still smiling as the cum dripped down her ass crack. It gets interesting. Post-coital, I took a nap with my thick Dominican girl before we headed to meet up with some friends for the night. I had made a few contacts online and we had planned to meet up later that night. We rolled to a bar in Piantini, one of the nicest neighborhoods in Santo Domingo, to have a few drinks and hang out. While at the bar, I met some expats living in the Dominican Republic. We drank, watched sports, and talked shit for hours on end. The topic of Dominican girls was continually brought up.

I already smashed. You can get her number for whatever you want. Miss thickness walked over and chatted with him while the night went on. Drinks, sports, and laughs continued. Things got late and I grabbed a taxi home with my girl after goodbyes. I just laughed. We already fucked, babe. No worries.

More fucking that night and in Horrny morning commenced. In my experience, Latina girls have the nicest pussies and they are the most girs in the bedroom. Glrls is my style. A good Latina, she wants to fuck hard and good. Now mix this with the booty popping magic of a black girl. What we have here fellas is a work of art. Girls that still give me the shivers down my back when I think about em. These Dominican girls will ride dick like you have never seen in your life. Dominicanas have sexy style too. Mostly Latina style with some Caribbean flare. Writing this is making me want to go back there right now. For me Santo Domingo is ecstasy because of the women.

Big natural tits. Their faces could use some work. This is where most guys will notice a drop off.

For me, Dominicanas can have some of the most beautiful faces in the world if you Horng a little work searching. There are a couple of other neighborhoods, but these are your safest bets. Prices here are low, but not the lowest I have ever ij. Philippines, Thailand and Colombia are all cheaper. Be careful with the taxi drivers ripping you off because they do not use Hirny. It is safe, but not as safe as Asia or Colombia in my experience. Dominicans can get wild. The best way to pick up girls in Santo Domingo is online game by far. Every girl has an online dating account, no joke. This way you can quickly screen the girls that are into foreigners.

Dominican women are usually easy to scoop, although it can sometimes pose a challenge. Not all of them are into foreigners either. The city is hot as hell unless you go during December or January. You should learn some basic Spanish before you go. It will make your trip much more enjoyable. The Pick Up Spanish Course was designed for guys like us who want to learn how to flirt, monger and pick up sexy Spanish women! Click the link for more info. Santo Domingo — Cost of Living Rating 3. Santo Domingo costs a little more than I am willing to pay at the moment.

The country is a bit 3rd worldish. This is comparable to American prices in some places. The place had amenities — gym, pool, sauna, doormen.

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